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5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy for Less

5 Ways to Keep Your Dog Happy for Less 1

We love our canine friends, but caring for them can be expensive. There are simple things you can do to save money while keeping your dog happy and healthy.

  • Petco and PetSmart, two of the largest pet retailers, both accept store, manufacturer, and competitor coupons so you can price match. They also have a reward program that offers discounted prices, members-only coupons, and ways to earn in-store credit when you buy. Check out our pet coupons  for even more ways to save.
  • Instead of buying bones or rawhide, ask the butcher at your local grocery store if they have any bones for your dog. They often do, and they are healthier since they are not store-bought kinds.
  • Here is an easy trick: cut open a tennis ball and stuff dog treats inside. Not only will you have a container for snacks when you are on a walk or at the park. However, you can give it to your dog as a way to keep them entertained and occupied.
  • Use a measuring cup to give your furry friend just the right amount of food. Many dog owners unintentionally over feed their pets and thus over-spend on food. So, check with your veterinarian for the correct amount of food to give and then measure it accordingly at meal times.
  • Finally, a few sites worth checking out:,, and that provides affordable insurance for your pet.

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