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Save End of Summer Sale Savings

End of Summer Sale Savings

Discover end-of-summer discounts for clothing, shoes, patio furniture, and garden items as they make way for fall and winter inventory. You'll end summer with big savings!

End of Summer Sale Savings

What's better than finding the perfect swimsuit or that new grill you've had your eye on all season? Finding them at a discount! The warm weather may be waning, but now is a great time to take advantage of the end-of-summer sales. Retailers need to make way for new fall, winter, and seasonal items, so expect to find markdowns on summer staples. Here's a look at the best end-of-summer sales that you're likely to find at your favorite stores.

Patio and Grills

This is largely dependent on your location — patio furniture and grills are unnecessary for long Northern winters, but warm-weather states might use them all year long. You might find clearance deals to make way for winter essentials up north, while elsewhere in the country stores discount their patio stock to make room for the latest models.

Find outdoor chairs, tables, and picnic supplies at great prices, as well as any leftover summer decor and dishware.  You can also find novelty items like s'mores kits and cute condiment dispensers marked down to make way for fall and winter items. 

Clothing and Shoes

End-of-season clothing sales are a money saver for parents. Shorts and t-shirts for $3 instead of $18? Yes, please! Stock up for back-to-school, and consider buying a few extras to last the entire school year. Don't forget to shop for yourself, too. Stick with classic pieces that don't go out of style like t-shirts, denim, and workout wear. 

Summer shoes for the family can often be found as buy-one-get-one-free deals. Tip: buy shoes that have similar prices since the cheaper pair will be free. 

Home and Garden

In the housewares department, you'll find sizeable markdowns on summer-centric items like novelty kitchen tools (think iced coffee brew pots and slushie makers), summery dish sets, and linens. Luggage and home organization items also go on sale around this time. 

Luggage companies often have sales incentives for retailers in the last quarter of the year, so you'll find great sales on both individual pieces and sets. Containers and storage supplies can be found with up to 50% off since the end of summer is prime decluttering time as people switch out of summer mode and kids go back to school. 

Your local garden store may have seed packets, potted plants, and gardening tools on sale. Now's the time to buy some tomato seeds so you can try container gardening during winter or replace your tattered gardening gloves. 

Start making a list of things you need so that you're ready to shop when you start seeing sales pop up. What are you most excited about buying at the 2021 end of summer sales?