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SaveBeauty & Style The Cozy—and Affordable—Clothes You Need for the Cold Weather Ahead!

The Cozy—and Affordable—Clothes You Need for the Cold Weather Ahead!

Looking for cold weather outfit ideas that look cute and keep you cozy? We've got easy, stylish ideas from your own closet.

The Cozy—and Affordable—Clothes You Need for the Cold Weather Ahead!

It's time to bundle up in style! There are so many cute ways to stay cozy and warm. Festive fall is the perfect time to have fun playing with color, pattern, and texture. These are some of our favorite closet staples this season. 

Snuggly Winter Fashion: 6 Cozy, Affordable Outfits for Fall

1. Pair a puffer jacket with slacks

Puffer jackets are the definition of cozy, and they’re a great way to add some apres-ski glam to your look. They give off a "fresh from the ski slopes" vibe while still keeping you polished and comfy. Pair a puffer with slacks and a bit of bold jewelry like a gold rope chain or hoop earrings for an edgy, ready-to-go look that keeps you warm.

2. Embrace chunky sweaters!

Chunky sweaters can be a girl’s best friend. Cable knits, pretty patterns, soft textures, and lots of warmth. Worried they'll be too bulky? We've come a long way, sweater weather! It's easy to be fabulous (never frumpy) by pairing your sweaters with the right bottoms. Think sleek pants, skinny jeans, or leggings and stylish boots to pull together a polished look.

3. Oversized leather jackets are made to go with skirts

You’ve got some room to play with this idea. For skirt fans, an oversized leather jacket is the perfect upper layer to keep you warm while creating a cool silhouette. Jackets that come down to mid-thigh are perfect for shorter skirts. If you prefer a long, flowy skirt, then a mid-calf jacket can look ultra-artsy. 

4. Jeans and a wool-blend coat keep it chic

This one is a classic pairing. Jeans work wonders with long wool-blend coats. In particular, wide-leg jeans give the look some flow, similar to a skirt — only warmer. You can play with patterns, too. Look for long wool-blend jackets in plaids, houndstooth, or other elegant prints for an outfit that will take you from daytime to casual evening out.

5. Don’t put away your tank tops!

There are lots of ways to wear tank tops in the winter. But they’ll be your base layer instead of your outer layer. Wear them underneath an open flannel shirt to keep it casual. Or get a little dressy by pairing tanks with a cute and comfortable cardigan. To take tanks to the next level, pick up a blazer and spend the winter pairing them with skirts, jeans, leggings, and necklaces.

6. Keep it simple with coordinated sets

Here's a trend that spans a lot of styles, from sleepwear and loungewear to dressier clothes for work and parties. It's all about color and texture matched sets — usually tops and pants, but sometimes tops and skirts or shirts and jackets. Knitted sweater sets featuring tank tops and pants in the same color are especially popular, as are sleek and flowing trousers paired with a matching blouse in the same shade and material.