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How to Be Photogenic Every Time

Selfie season is here, which means plenty of pictures at parties, while opening presents, and more. Here's how to help yourself look good in photos!

How to Be Photogenic Every Time
Little by little, the world is opening up, and the festive season is upon us. Or should we call it selfie season? Some of you are headed back to parties and events. Others are getting your holiday glow on to create the perfect greeting card. And you know there will be plenty of candid shots happening this year, too. So how to look good in pictures? We'll show you!

1. How to take the perfect selfie 101: Find your lighting

Lighting is the most critical part of any photograph. Whether you're creating group photographs or selfies, the best way to make them more flattering is to find the right light. If outdoors, take the photos during the "golden hour," which is the hour right after sunrise or right before sunset. This is when sunlight is warmest and most complimentary.

How to take the perfect selfie indoors? Avoid fluorescent lighting, which can make you look washed out or an odd shade of green or gray. Instead, take photos where the lighting skews toward warm.

2. Find your perfect angle, too

The camera really does add 10 pounds in many instances, especially when using wide-angle lenses or smartphone cameras. Wide angles flatten everything in the photograph, and you may have to deal with barrel distortion, a phenomenon that makes things look wider and rounder than they actually are. Professional photographers counteract this by using lenses with long focal lengths to create a slimming effect.

If you're posing for a picture using a smartphone, a couple of tricks will help make photos more flattering. 

  • For closeup selfies, try taking a photograph from one side or the other rather than straight on. Angling your face helps it appear less round. 
  • When taking a selfie from the front, keep your shoulders back and push your chin forward. This helps create shadows beneath the jawline, which prevents the line of your chin from blending in with your neck, creating an accidental double-chin.

3. Learn to create lines

Ever wonder how celebrities seem to innately know how to look good in photos, even when they're just out running errands? It's all about the lines! After enough time in the spotlight, they've learned how to use their body to create flattering lines that help them look great in front of the camera.

  • When posing for a picture, stand at an angle to the camera. 
  • Try posing with one foot slightly in front of the other like you're taking a step, put your hands in your pockets, or fold your arms. 

These are all great ways to give yourself shape, which has a slimming effect.

4. Selfies from above!

Perspective is a powerful thing. If you're wondering how to look good in pictures, taking them from slightly above so that you're looking up is always the best bet because it has a slimming effect. Conversely, holding the phone low will have a widening effect.

5. Practice makes perfect

Once you've found the tricks that work for you, the secret to looking good in pictures all the time is super simple: practice, practice, practice! At holiday parties, you'll be able to strike a pose without a second thought whenever your friends are snapping candids.

5. Find a professional photographer

The easiest way to learn how to be more photogenic is to work with a pro. Hobbyists can often take great pictures for free, but when you pay for a professional, you're paying for experience plus access to an incredible assortment of equipment and lighting accessories explicitly designed to create amazing portraits. Browse each photographer's portfolio to find "the one." Once you've arranged a session, be sure to ask lots of questions. A true pro will be forthcoming with loads of information specific to your needs about hair, makeup, what to wear, and more.

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