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Your Holiday Playlist!

Need to curate a great holiday playlist for your next big gathering? Learn some tips for setting the perfect tone from Save!

Your Holiday Playlist!

Holiday music is an integral part of the season. But it's key to curate your playlist so you don't repeat the department stores! If you're throwing a party, a great holiday playlist should reflect the atmosphere you want to create throughout the evening. Here are a few tips.

Build a flow

You don't have to stick with a single genre, but try to avoid sudden changes in tone. Pick the songs you want to play, and then arrange them, so they flow into each other. In other words, keep the head-banging away from the ballads.

Divide up the time

A great way to arrange your holiday playlist is to divide up the evening into sections. For example, you might play orchestral arrangements as people arrive, softer songs during dinner, and then dance music after you finish eating. Of course, every party is different, so break up the time blocks however they make sense.

Find some lesser-known pieces

Some of the best holiday music isn't playing in every drugstore all season long. Do your homework to find tunes that fit with your overall vibe but aren't overplayed. You can find original songs or covers in virtually every genre, from hip hop to punk to soul.

Know your audience

Many holiday songs have a Christian theme, but numerous religions have December celebrations, and many people celebrate the holidays in a secular way. Help everyone feel included by opting for secular songs or at least sticking to less overtly religious ones. You can also up the inclusion level by throwing in songs from other traditions.

Also, be aware of what type of music everyone likes. If there are kids (or adults who turn into kids at the holidays), include some children's classics like "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" and "Frosty the Snowman." If your group likes to dance, add plenty of high-energy songs. For a more intimate gathering designed around conversation, turn the volume down and keep the playlist light.

Don't forget the fun!

Of course, a holiday party should be all about fun. Throw in a few songs that are just plain fun, and encourage everyone to grab a hairbrush or other prop and sing along. "Last Christmas" by Wham and "All I Want for Christmas" by Mariah Carey are popular for a reason: So perfect for a giant group singalong! Play them later in the evening, when everyone loosens up.

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