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Essential Tips to Help You Look and Feel Your Best on Zoom

Wondering how to look good on Zoom? Don't sweat it! These simple tricks will help you make a great impression.

Essential Tips to Help You Look and Feel Your Best on Zoom

Even though the world is opening back up, many companies have chosen to keep on working from home. Couple that with the increase in virtual meetups with family and friends, and video chat has become a way of life! So how do you look your best on video calls despite less-than-perfect laptop and smartphone cameras? We'll tell you how to make a great impression on bosses, new friends, and everyone in between.

1. Save time with a Zoom zone

You need to hop into a work meeting, but you don't want everyone to see the clutter you didn't clean up. Create yourself a Zoom zone! All you need to do is pick a space in your home to devote to video calls. Hang up a backdrop, and make sure you have a desk for your laptop or a tripod for your phone. If you don't have space for an entire home office, invest in a portable desk or table that you can fold up and stash away in the closet or under the bed when you're done.

2. It's all about lighting

Ever had your portrait taken? If so, your photographer probably set up lighting equipment even if it was broad daylight. That's because the right light makes everyone shine. There are a few ways to create a good lighting setup at home for video calls. The main idea is to avoid shadows falling across your face. If you have a window you can face while on the call, use that. The best laptop light for Zoom is a ring light that you can set up behind the laptop. You can also use daylight bulbs in lamps and light fixtures to get that natural lighting look.

3. Embrace the magic of filters!

As virtual meetings have exploded, video conferencing software creators have started including filters with their apps. Before your next chat, experiment with a few filters to see what you like best. Remember, it's not about changing the way you look it's about feeling yourself even with the unflattering effects of webcams and poor lighting.

4. Get the angle right

Yes, there is a best angle for Zoom, and it's actually quite specific. The problem is most laptops put us at a disadvantage because the webcams sit below us. Unfortunately, angles taken below eye level just aren't it. Invest in a separate webcam, a laptop stand, or even a stack of books to elevate your camera. However you accomplish raising it (we don't judge!), your camera should be positioned either at eye level or slightly above and just to one side of you so that it captures you at a slight horizontal angle rather than straight on.

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