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15 Eco Friendly Halloween Crafts for Adults

Dying to get into the Halloween spirit? Look at these Halloween craft ideas for adults that will ignite seriously spooky vibes for your Halloween party.

Glance your beady eyes in our direction this Halloween if you want to heighten the spooky spirit with some macabre, stylish, and creative crafts. We've compiled a list of some Halloween crafts for adults that will embrace trending colors, unique décor items, and Hocus Pocus-themed goodies. From tableware to wall hangings and haunting home decorations, these eco-friendly crafts for adults will impress your guests and trick-or-treaters

Do it yourself and bring some moody, scary, and skin-crawling inspiration to your neighborhood this Halloween. Plus, you'll predominantly be using recycled items in your home, so you won't be haunted by once-off waste. 

Ready to get spooky? Here are our top fifteen Halloween crafts for decoration.

1. Halloween twig wreath

Grab that worn and tired imitation spiderweb from your Halloween decorations and repurpose it into a creepy wreath. This wreath rekindles Blaire Witch Project feelings by securing twigs onto a wireframe. Add the web and optional cut-out bats or plastic spiders.

2. Haunted birdhouses

If working with a sawbench gets you excited, then slaughter wood cutoffs and create creepy birdhouses. Or sand down the tired bird homes in your garden for a Halloween makeover. Add a swish of black or grey paint and arrange them on your porch with some mini, pumpkins, bats, or twigs. 

3. Potion bottles 

Create a collection of potion jars that contain witch-like concoctions. Gather various jars or bottles around the home (the stranger the better), and add a creepy label with potion names like 'life juice,' 'toads tears,' or 'stewed bat brains.' Put your jars to use by filling the potion bottles with party cocktails. Let your guests pick their poison. 

4. DIY Hocus Pocus Book of Spells

With the second release of an old Halloween favorite, Hocus Pocus 2 is a trending theme for Halloween this year. Create a DIY Book of Spells by repurposing an old book, adding clay snake patterns, and painting it brown and silver. 

5. Paper mache trick-or-treat bowl

Only a wizard remembers their shopping bags, am I right? Put your excessive paper shopping bags to use and create a DIY Halloween bowl. This Cathie Filian tutorial includes a free stencil download to add spooky tombstone details. You can simplify this Halloween craft idea by creating a paper mache paste from flour and water. 

6. Skeleton pumpkin heads

Spooky, but make it cute! Imagine a pumpkin with black paint, glitter, faux leaves, and a skull-and-crossbones design. You'll slay all other pumpkin designs with this dark but pretty Halloween craft idea

7. Recycled pumpkin gift box

Repurpose plastic bottles by creating gift boxes for your trick-or-treaters. You need soft drink bottles, felt, acrylic paint, and your basic craft supplies. Fill the DIY boxes with candy or a healthy trail mix for the kids' night of haunting the neighborhood. 

8. Macrame ghosts

Craft boo-tiful and adorable macrame ghosts with embroidery hoops and macrame cords or ropes. You don't need to be an expert macramist to slay this project

9. Puff paint tableware

Elevate your glassware by painting webs and spiders onto your tumblers and glassware with puff paint. The puff paint peals off smooth surfaces easily, allowing you to use your crockery as usual when the spooky season is over. 

10. Dipped pumpkins

Fantastic ideas abound when using pumpkins in Halloween crafts for decoration. Spray your pumpkins white, dip in bold neon colors and then dip again in glow-in-the-dark paint for an extra surprise after dark. There are several ways to recycle your pumpkins after the holidays to reduce waste. 

11. 'Inked' Pumpkins

The world is going crazy for fake tattoos that allow you to change your style. A trending idea this holiday is to ink your pumpkins with exciting floral flash tattoos.

12. Framed spiderweb doilies

Grab your Nana's doilies or raid local thrift stores for these lacy items. When contrasted against a black frame, white doilies resemble spiderwebs. Or top some doilies on a black tablecloth for a pretty table display. 

13. Bug soap

Learning to make a clear soap is a craft that can be used year-round for gifts. Add a plastic spider, bug, or tiny bat to your soap mold this Halloween. Little skeletons or any small Halloween items will make your guests grin when they go to wash any fake blood off their hands. 

14. Mason jar pumpkin lights

As a crafter, you must have a collection of mason jars. Make them Halloween-worthy by painting them white, or orange and turning your jars into ghosts, ghouls, or pumpkins with some simple features. Add battery lights or a candle for a luminous glow. 

15. Halloween doormat

Get your guest to leave their skeletons at the door when they clean their feet on your hand-painted doormat. Opt for a plain doormat made of sustainable and natural materials. Then, grab some black paint and work that magic. 

You can scare the neighborhood kids with these Hocus Pocus quotes beneath their feet:

  • "Oh, look. Another glorious morning. Makes me sick!"
  • "I smell children."
  • "You know, I've always wanted a child. And now I think I'll have one … on toast!"
  • "It's a full moon outside; the weirdos are out!"
  • "Come! We fly!"
  • "Dance, dance, dance, until you die!"
  • "Goodbye, cruel world."
  • "No, no! He's a good zombie." 

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Happy spooky season! Let's fly!