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Questions about your ads or offers?

You can quickly check the Coupon Book Finder to see where the Coupon Book may be available in your area.

We continually review distribution based on advertiser feedback and consumer interest, so there could be changes to where and how frequently we deliver in a particular area.

The coupons and ads included within our Mailer and Coupon Book are determined by the advertiser. If you have questions regarding a specific advertiser and why they were not in this week’s packet, we suggest you contact your local store to find out if they have extra copies available in store and to suggest that they add your area to their next circular or promotion.

We are unable to send offers. We do invite you to please check back in the future as we do reconsider our delivery areas based on advertiser feedback and consumer interest.

Barcodes are provided by the advertiser, therefore, when coupons do not work that is something that would need to be addressed with the retailer directly.

You can easily remove your address by filling out the Delivery Options Form. It may take up to six weeks for the advertising mailings to stop.

Could be one of the below:

  • Occasional postal delivery errors could result in receipt of advertising mailings intended for other mailboxes. If this occurs, please contact your local Post Office and request your postal carrier correct this error.
  • You removed your address less than six weeks ago (it takes up to six weeks for the mailings to stop).
  • Your remove request was submitted over five years ago. Since the status is only effective for five years, you will need to remove your address from the mailing list again by filling out the Delivery Options Form.

Yes! The Save plastic bag is LDPE #4 and is recyclable at many retailers who offer recycling services for plastic bags. Visit to find a drop-off location near you.
Note: typically plastic bags cannot be recycled curbside. Please check with your local municipality to understand the recycling guidelines in your area.