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Self-Care Tips for Working from Home

Need a WFH reboot? Check out these work-from-home wellness ideas to get you motivated for your remote workday.

Self-Care Tips for Working from Home

Working from home definitely has its perks. But without that daily coffee run and strict start time, it can feel oh-so-tempting to crawl right back into your cozy bed. If you want to recharge your WFH batteries, mix things up with some healthy habits that lift your mood and productivity. 

Check out these work-from-home wellness ideas to keep you active and motivated.  

Stick to a routine

Even if you don't have any morning meetings, setting a routine is key to a productive day. Taking a shower, getting dressed in clean clothes (yes, yoga pants count!), and making yourself presentable helps prepare your mind for the daily hustle. 

Is that pile of unfolded laundry calling your name? Resist the urge to procrastinate! Set a routine for cleaning, doing laundry, and watering your houseplants so that household tasks don't interfere with your work schedule.

Move that body!

Take the time to be active. Going for a run, walking your furbaby, or practicing mindful meditation can get those endorphins flowing. Exercising sharpens your focus and reduces stress. Prefer exercising at night? Set a quitting time and leave your desk (and any work worries) in the dust by sweating it out in the evening. 

Set boundaries

Is your partner or housemate working at home too? Kids home from school? Setting boundaries and letting everyone know when you are busy helps protect you from potential distractions.

Likewise, set your work hours and switch off notifications when it's family time or me-time. 

Schedule a lunch break

If you work from home, sometimes the most challenging habit to carve out is a lunch break. Stepping outside for some fresh air, doing a few stretches, and preparing a healthy meal are easy ways to take a break in the middle of your day. Plus, getting exposure to sunlight can help you sleep better at night!

Give yourself permission to step away from your desk and reboot. 

Beware of the snacks

Who knew that remote working would be the greatest test of self-discipline? The temptation of the cookie jar can ring loud and clear when it's right there, especially in the afternoon when you need a pick-me-up. Just say no to the sugar crash! Buy healthy snacks, prioritize your water intake (coffee doesn't count), and add some (veggie) color to your lunch. 

Add some couch time

We all need balance in our lives, and your slouchy couch is happy to hold you when you need a break. With ongoing remote work, it can be challenging to call it a day. Whether you like to head to bed with a book or take a little binge-watch break, make sure you balance business with pleasure. No matter what, get 8 hours of sleep! Knowing when to turn in for the day is also vital for your health. 

Change your scenery

If you've been working from home for a while, try weaving in some (safe) work-outside time. Rent a hot desk once a week or work in a local open-air coffee shop (with social distancing in place of course). Taking a day to surround yourself with other remote workers can help you feel like you're part of a vibrant workforce community.