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10 Ways to Mentally Prep for Fall

Wondering how to prep for fall? We have some tips and tricks that will get you ready—and ensure you’re mentally prepared for the season ahead.

10 Ways to Mentally Prep for Fall

Wondering how to prepare for fall this year? Start your planning with the idea that the early bird gets the worm—and saves cash when deal shopping for seasonal essentials! Be sure to plan not only for physical wellness, but for your mental wellbeing, too. We have some planning tricks to get you started!

1. Spruce up with some fall cleaning

If Game of Thrones taught us anything, it’s that winter is coming. The best time to tidy up around the house is ahead of autumn so that as temperatures drop, you’ll be comfy and cozy in a clean abode. Tackle the bigger jobs, like washing carpets, walls, and windows. Now is a good time to declutter, too. Check on your closets, and donate unused stuff you’ve been collecting to charity.

2. Go outside!

You’ll be exchanging tank tops for sweaters soon! This is the time to get out for some summer fun. Go for walks, go to the pool—do what it takes to have a great time in the great outdoors before it gets cold!

3. Get that pantry stocked

Love cozy autumn days with a cup of tea or mug of cocoa? Is oatmeal the perfect breakfast on a chilly morning? Start watching for deals and savings now to get your pantry stocked ahead of fall. You’ll save money and enjoy feeling prepared!

4. Schedule some you-time

It starts with Labor Day and moves through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. That’s a lot of big holidays, and a lot of time spent prepping, socializing and so on! One of the best autumn health tips to mentally prepare yourself? Ahead of the holiday marathon, schedule some much-needed time for yourself. Think of it as doing something good for your mental health. Listen to music, read a book, work on your hobbies, meditate—do what it takes to decompress ahead of holiday go-time!

5. Don’t forget to live in the present

It’s easy to get wrapped up in everything you do to prepare for fall, but don’t forget to live in the now, too! Visit farmers’ markets for late summer produce, head out for coffee with your friends—have some fun because you deserve it!

6. Preemptively avoid those holiday pounds!

Between autumn’s pumpkin-flavored goodies and holiday cookies, we all overindulge a bit in the fall and winter months. That’s why the late summer months are the perfect time to get your diet in shape. You could add more whole foods to your diet, cut out excess sugars, or trim your carb consumption to help contain your appetite and curb the cravings for treats before all those holiday feasts.

7. Don’t let seasonal changes get you down

Some suffer from the cold weather blues, and even those of us who don’t can get a little sad as the seasons change. Be ready with plenty of things to do to elevate your mood. Track your moods in a journal, take up a new hobby, treat yourself to a spa day—there are lots of ways to put a smile on your face on gloomy days.

8. Switch up your skincare routine

Chilly temperatures and dry air are harsh on your skin. Ahead of autumn, recalibrate your skincare routine with an extra-moisturizing product to avoid winter dry skin!

9. Don’t slip into hibernation!

Humans aren’t supposed to hibernate—but less daylight plus colder temperatures, cozy sweaters, and the temptation to curl up by the fire tempts us to do just that. It’s better to stay active, whether that means pre-autumn yard work or ramping up your workouts. Keeping active will keep your mood elevated, too.

10. Get the cozy clothes ready to go

Those comfy sweaters and cozy hoodies that have been in the back of your closet all summer long? Time to move them to the front and run them through the laundry, if need be. Be ready for the weather—don’t let autumn’s first cold snap catch you by surprise!