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Space Saving Tips for Your Home

Does your home need a refresh? Make it feel bigger without breaking the bank with these space-saving tips!

Space Saving Tips for Your Home

Space is at a premium for most of us. Luckily, creativity is limitless! Even if you have a limited amount of space at home, there are endless ways to use and arrange it. Following just a few easy and inexpensive space-saving tricks can make any room seem larger, airier, and ultimately more welcoming.

Let’s get started on your DIY space saving!

Embrace double-duty decor

Traditional interior design assumes that every item has just one purpose: a coffee table is just a coffee table, or an ottoman is just an ottoman. But you can dramatically increase your storage by choosing items that multitask. Find ottomans that open up to stow blankets and throws. Choose coffee tables with shelves to hold remotes and magazines. Use low bookcases to create a sofa table or an extra seating bench. To keep things tidy, replace a few knickknacks with pretty baskets to hide clutter.

Think vertically

If you have high ceilings, take advantage of vertical storage by lining a wall or two with open shelves instead of a standard bookcase. Place decorative items up high, and things you’ll want to access regularly further down.

Sneak under the window

Many people think of windows as dead space, but they don't have to be. Dramatically open up your room by placing a low desk, bookcase, or table right below the sill (you still want that outdoor view!). 

Turn your hallways into libraries

If you have a long, narrow hallway, take advantage of what would otherwise be unused space. Most bookcases aren’t very deep, so you can line the hall with them without impeding walking space. You only just 18 inches to comfortably pass by furniture.

Add a skinny cart to the laundry room

If you're like us, your laundry room can get out of control quickly. To keep things in check, detergent, fabric softener, and cleaning supplies need permanent homes. Most laundry rooms have a bit of wasted space either between or next to the washer and dryer. A skinny rolling cart can slide right into that space, providing portable storage for all your odds and ends.

Keep it simple

Though it won’t actually create more space, choosing a simple, clean design can make a small room feel bigger. Run a single type of flooring through the entire room. Choose plain, monochromatic color schemes instead of large prints. Highlight one or two big furniture pieces rather than several small ones. And make sure you don’t block the view. Having a straight sightline through the room and out the window or door will make the space seem bigger.