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Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Sanctuary

Looking for ideas on how to remake your home without breaking the bank? Follow these money-saving tips to turn your home into the sanctuary you deserve!

Easy, Inexpensive Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like a Sanctuary

There’s no place like home ... There’s no place like home ... Wouldn't it be fabulous if clicking your heels together like Dorothy magically turned your home into a haven? Consider this list your ruby reds! Follow these money-saving tips to transform your home into a sanctuary without melting your wallet like the Wicked Witch of the West.

Light up your life

"Here Comes the Sun" is more than just an uplifting Beatles song. Sunlight is a natural mood booster. Use natural sunlight to brighten your rooms by opening blinds and curtains throughout the day. Light some candles in the early morning and evening to give your home that sanctuary feel.

Bring the outside inside

Use the natural beauty of the outdoors to beautify your indoors. Arrange some new plants around your home. Or, plant some greenery prunings in a vase. And rocks are for more than just throwing in a pond. Displaying a decorative rock collection shows some unique creativity and creates a spa-like atmosphere.  If you have young children, painting those rocks is a good art activity.

Clutter containment 101

Clutter is like that out-of-nowhere wave at the beach. You're standing there up to your knees on a perfectly sunny beach day. Then it hits.  Welp, that's what clutter does to your home. 

Time for the family to spring into action to contain the spread. Use decorative baskets — a foundational knickknack — to prevent clutter from overtaking your home. Anything that isn't display-worthy can be stowed in baskets or bins. 

This strategy also works for kids' school stuff. Giving them a place to house all their assignments and supplies cuts down on the "dog ate my homework" opportunities.

Make your "you" space

Even if you don't have the square footage for a She Shack or a Man Cave, you can still create a quiet space in your home (no kids allowed!). 

To foster that sanctuary feel, place small altars in out-of-the-way spots like the corner of your desk, a window ledge, or a bookshelf. Wherever the spot, it should signify mindfulness — a place for meditation or to take some deep breaths to recharge your mental batteries.

Your altar can be anything that brings you peace — a small plant, a candle, stones or crystals, even some incense. Accessorize it with a few favorite family photos. Choose events or dates that remind you of amazing feel-good family memories.

Infuse your mood

Pleasing scents are a great way to shift your mood on a dime. Light naturally scented candles throughout your home. Or opt for diffusers in a handful of rooms. Essential oils, like sandalwood and frankincense, are great in diffusers. Explore natural scents, too, like fresh flowers or herbs. Grow them in your garden or purchase them from a local florist. 

Bedroom bliss

Is there a room in your home more deserving of being transformed into a sanctuary than your bedroom? Try a few of these bedroom beautification gems:

  • High thread count bed sheets
  • Decorate the walls with comforting colors
  • Add some artwork
  • Carpet or rugs that are soft on bare feet
  • Keep only your essentials out and in view

Creating a relaxing bedroom sanctuary can boost the quality of your sleep and waking hours.

Tubby time

Do your kids burst through closed doors the way bad drivers run reds? Does the dog think your bed is hers? If finding privacy in your home feels like an impossible dream, we present to you ... the bathroom. It's THE room where everyone knows a closed door means go elsewhere (yes, even if there's no lock!).  

Spa-up your bathroom with a few additions like fluffy fresh towels and strategically placed candles. Add some warm colors to the walls, change the light bulbs to soft light, and play soothing music. Finally, indulge yourself by washing away the stress of the day with a relaxing soak and a salt-sugar scrub. For an inexpensive option, lavender-scented Epsom salts work wonders. 

Comforting colors

Bright, powerful colors are another way to enhance your mood and add a pop of happy. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! You don’t need to hit the big box store for every painting supply under the yellow sun (see what we did there?).

Pick up some throw pillows to complement your couch or your favorite recliner. Dot some vibrant pottery on shelves, mantles, or the coffee table to add color to a room. Bright artwork and vases have the same effect too.

Fancying the fireplace

Fireplaces do more for a home than warm you up when Old Man Winter gets cranky.

For the DIYers out there, install a mantle above the fireplace if there isn't one already. A mantle not only calls attention to the fireplace but also serves as a useful shelf. That shelf is the perfect spot to display family photos, cards from friends, or seasonal and holiday decorations. To create a truly showstopping centerpiece, hang a clock or mirror right above it to create a display all its own.

And you can decorate the surrounding walls and floor in front of the fireplace to complement its homeyness. Portraits, vases, and random pieces of china - all available for a song at tag sales or consignment shops - work well in this scenario.

When the fireplace isn’t used, prop it up with a decorative screen and a few birch logs. Or arrange a few candles inside. You can light the candles or not. Either way, they create a festive ambiance that shows off your fireplace.

Leave work at work … at home

Working from home (WFH) is one pandemic development that, for many, is here to stay. It’s hard enough to draw the line between work and family life when you’re trudging to the office five days a week for eight hours a day. So if you or your spouse is now a WFHer, dedicate a distinct space in your home where only work happens.

If you have a spare room you can turn into an office, perfect! But if space is at a premium, like for so many of us, carve out a work spot. Bedroom corners work well. You can close the door for any video meetings. Remember that even spaces within spaces should be zoned for work only. But it should still be comforting! Personalize it with pictures, plants, mood boards, or anything else that reminds you of what (and who) you're working hard for.