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Creepy Cocktails and Mocktails for Halloween

Halloween is almost here! What are you serving at your party? How about creepy cocktails (or mocktails) courtesy of these recipes? They’re easy, perfectly spooky—just what you need for a night of thrills and chills!

Creepy Cocktails and Mocktails for Halloween

Halloween is coming! Every party needs cocktails (or mocktails if you want delicious Halloween nonalcoholic alternatives). These spooky spirits are chilling—literally and figuratively.

1. Hocus Pocus Punch

This mocktail delivers big on fall flavors just in time for Halloween. It features apple cider and cranberry juice, plus orange seltzer and ginger ale to give it some fizz. You’ll need to chop up some apples and oranges to mix in, and some maraschino cherries to sweeten the mix. Serve it in a pumpkin-shaped punch bowl, or put it in a cauldron and let the carbonated mixture bubble up a storm! 

2. The Swamp Thing

Aptly named, this one is a creepy twist on the classic Bloody Mary, another great Halloween cocktail. For the Swamp Thing, you’ll be swapping out the tomato juice for tomatillos instead. Blend tomatillos, cucumber, celery, cilantro, and other ingredients to make a ghoulishly green concoction.

3. The Jack-O’-Lantern

Among all the Halloween cocktails out there, this one is just plain adorable. It’s a mix of cognac, brandy-based orange liqueur, and orange juice shaken together to give you a nice, pumpkin-hued drink. Pour it into a small glass over ice, then top it with an orange slice that has a bit of lime rind poking up from the center. End result? A drink that looks just like a pumpkin! This one can also be served for Thanksgiving (or any autumn occasion), but it's so cute, why not have it for Halloween, too?

4. The Moonrise Mocktail

The Moonrise Mocktail is a super simple drink that looks like you put in a ton of effort. Plus it’s kid-friendly! The ingredients are easy. You’ll need orange juice, green food coloring, grenadine, and candy—most notably licorice wheels, jelly snakes, and multi-colored laces. The idea is to put together a creepy-crawly-looking drink that is red on the bottom, green on top, and decorated with snakes and snaky things to make it extra spooky!

5. The Halloween Hypnotist

Are you ready for the ultimate in thrilling cocktails? This one is a blue martini that you’ll make with vodka, lemon juice, and Hpnotiq Liqueur (which is a French liqueur made with fruit juices, vodka, and cognac). Shake it, pour it—and now the fun part—garnish it with a glow stick. It’ll give the cocktail a gorgeous unearthly glow perfect for dark Halloween parties!