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Eek-citing Family-Friendly Halloween Decor

From grisly garden games to spooky front doors, these kid-friendly Halloween ideas will inspire both the planner and the last-minute mom.

Eek-citing Family-Friendly Halloween Decor

Calling all silly ghouls, spooky ghosts, and cute little witches! Ready for some Halloween decorating fun for the whole family? 

To get you into an eerie mood, we want to share some Halloween decor ideas that are family-friendly and easy to create on a budget or with little time. 

Whether you're looking for simple craft ideas to do with your young kids or aiming for a sophisticated and spooky scene that your teens can help to put together, have a look at our ideas for some Halloween inspiration. You'll be the spookiest house on the block. 

Outdoor Halloween decorations

Fall is glorious — it's the time of year to dress warmly, play in the leaves, and absorb sunshine before winter arrives. And who doesn't want their kids to get out of the house to release some energy? For Halloween, decoring your backyard can make the outdoors even more enticing.

These kid-friendly Halloween decorations for the yard will create a spooky scene:

Give the playhouse a moody makeover!

The playhouse or treehouse is your kid's domain. If you want to be in charge of the house decorations, let the playhouse be the space where they get to call the shots. This can also be an opportunity to get your child to practice their management skills by giving them a budget for the craft store and let them come up with ideas for their playhouse. Not only will the playhouse take on a creepy witch hideout, but it can create the perfect space for telling scary stories. 

Grisly garden games

Getting the kids outdoors allows you to focus on other Halloween tasks, but it also gets the womb fruit into the fresh air to make some noise. Why not make Halloween-inspired garden games a part of your decor plans? These games are great for the whole family and can be the highlight of this spooky holiday.

Have a look at these ideas that you can set up on your porch or in the yard:

  • Witches hat ring toss- This requires some effort, but you can repaint the board for various themes throughout the year once you have the items. 
  • Pumpkin garden golf
  • Ghost and pumpkin bowling- Imagine ten-pin bowling but with ghost bottles and pumpkin bowling balls. 
  • Giant tic-tac-toe - Just like regular tic-tac-toe, except you can make a large grid on your porch or deck with black tape, then use plastic skulls or pumpkins as the game pieces.

Don't stop with the playhouse or lawn games. Hang some witch hats or bats from the trees, add some spooky eyes to the shrubs to make yard monsters, or set up some garden ghosts. 

Easy and eerie activities for kids

Pinterest is full of fun ideas for Halloween crafting. However, we want to share our favorite crafts that can decorate the home. These cheap and chilling DIY decorations can be executed by the littles and the teens in the house. 

Fall leaf ghosts

These cute little ghosts are easy to make and can suit all ages (even toddlers). All you need is white paint, dried leaves, and a market. Let the scissor-safe siblings cut a rounded head for the ghost. You can either connect the cute ghosts to make a garland or use them as decor on a feature wall. 

On the subject of using decor from your back yard, dried bare branches can make a spooky centerpiece by spraying them black or green and placing them in a gothic black vase.

Transform the houseplants

We're a houseplant-crazy generation! Get your pre-teens to turn your home into a Little Shop of Horrors by letting them shop for some creepy Halloween plants or repotting your existing plants into decorated pots. 

Turn your plant's pots into mummies, ghosts, black cats, or monsters with some simple cutouts and paint. Or skip the colors and add some eyeballs, mini skeletons, and Halloween accessories to the flora in your home. Tiny details can be a surprising touch for your haunted house. 

Artificial plants can be spray painted black for a dark and daunting mood.

Paper roll terrors

The amount of toilet paper my family of four uses is scary! But those little cardboard rolls are perfect for crafts all year round. They're cheap to embellish with a few craft supplies, plus you can recycle them when November rolls around.

Frightening front door plans

Greet your trick-or-treaters with thrilling front door decor. 

Stacked pumpkin totem pole

Your ghostly goblins will love stacking pumpkins and making them spooky, cute, or friendly. Skip the carving and paint, or stick some felt faces onto some pumpkins. Or check out these emoji pumpkins for a fun and modern twist. 

Make the door your focal point

The front door is a large area, so dressing it like a mummy or making it look like a shelf of spooky novels can create a focal point for your entranceway. If you trust your kids with a glue gun, get some cheap ping-pong balls, googly eyes, and get them to create an eyeball wreath. You can also get those scissor skills sharpened by getting your kids to create bats or webs that can engulf your door. 

Eek-citing family-friendly Halloween decorations

Before you take a deep dive into eyeballs and spiderwebs, remember that the upcoming holidays are about quality time and fun with your family. Stress will damper the mood. Keep it light, keep it cheerful, and hopefully, happy memories and new traditions can remain.