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SaveBeauty & Style Halloween DIY Costume Ideas Using Items You Have

Halloween DIY Costume Ideas Using Items You Have

Need some fresh inspiration for Halloween dress-up without terrifying your wallet? Bring on the frights while staying frugal with these 5 easy DIY Halloween costume ideas.

Halloween DIY Costume Ideas Using Items You Have

Do you need some fright night inspiration? Whether you're looking to curb spending, love a DIY dress-up, or usually wake up on October 31 with nothing to wear, we hope these ideas will give you the chills for a fun Halloween night out! 

Here are five last-minute DIY Halloween costume ideas using items you already have at home.

1. POP art comic character

Pop art is making a comeback in design trends, and you can dress the part in many ways. Grab polka-dotted clothes, 50s style attire, and any loud primary colors. Go bold and heavy on the makeup and add spots to your face for a pixelated comic look. Remember to add some action lines or make yourself an action bubble with phrases like "BAM," "POW," or "WHAAM!"

2. Friends star

Could there be a more recognizable TV show from the 90s and early 2000s? With the latest 'Friends' Reunion, we've all been reminded of why we love this series so much. Friends memorabilia is trending, and you can hop on this craze to create last-minute easy Halloween costumes. Pick your favorite character from the show and get planning. Will you be funky Phoebe or Chandler Bing? 

Here are some ideas that will jolt your memory of some top episodes:

  • Joey: "I'm wearing everything you own" - Put some shorts over your lounge pants, topped with layers of shirts and a floral tie (if you have one).
  • Phoebe: "I'm a really cool person" - With Phoebe, you can dig up all the 90s retro gear. Create a 90s hairdo with braided pigtails, scrunchies (they're back!), or a top bun with loose hairs to frame your face. Grab a guitar and be prepared to sing Smelly Cat if anyone needs a clue to your identity. 
  • The one with all the wedding dresses - Grab a beer, some popcorn, black socks, and ... a wedding dress. Wear some fake pearls in your hair like Monica, and convince two friends to pull off this iconic 'Friends' moment with you. One of them can have a poofy veil like Phoebe.

3. A remote co-worker

Many of us have been working remotely for the past year. And we all know the secret to a Zoom call outfit — business on top, pajama party on the bottom, right? This one is easy to replicate. If you're feeling creative, you could print out images of your friends, paste them together on a large poster and reproduce Zoom's gallery view. Remember to cut out a block for your face.

4. Olympic crazy

Every four years, we get to watch some great athletes do the things that hurt our joints just thinking about. Now's your chance to wear some activewear, bust out some medals, or don some goggles and a swimming cap. You can also make a DIY medal with some cardboard, puffy paint for a raised emblem, and tinfoil. This outfit is easy to throw together at the last minute. 

5. Hopeful traveler

Are you getting itchy feet after the pandemic grounded all of us? Let that wanderlust soar with this fun and hopeful dress-up idea. Look airport ready with all your traveling accessories - neck pillow, casual wear, a map, earphones, eye mask, your surgical mask, some luggage, and a freshly stamped passport (DIY, of course). Add fun destination patches to your outfit — everyone will want to join you on your jet-setting adventures as you dream up where to go next! 

Get Ghostly This Halloween

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We hope these ideas have cleaned out the cobwebs and given you some bright ideas for your spooky suit!