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12 Hottest Hair Trends- Retro Reimagined

Ready for a new groovy look? Here are the hottest hairstyles and most sought-after colors, inspired by retro glam!

12 Hottest Hair Trends- Retro Reimagined

Ready to visit your stylist for an updated look? Here’s a hint: This year’s biggest themes revolve around updates to classic 1970s styles. Read below to learn more!

Hot 2021 Fall Hair Trends to Know

1. The '70s are back!

And that means a lot of things where hairstyles are concerned. Long locks are popular, as are breezy waves, fringes, and layers. The '70s trend leans heavily on the natural aesthetic that was so popular back then, embracing fresh-from-the-beach looks that have been regaining popularity the last few years.

What’s different now is that people are looking for a little more sophistication in the form of subtle layers and fringes carefully cut to frame the face.

2. Shades of cinnamon

Cinnamon is one of the hottest 2021 fall hair colors. And brunettes rejoice! It’s most often mixed with chocolate notes.  Cinnamon is the perfect spicy yet still-subtle highlight shade to give your hair extra dimension.

3. Ombre hair is huge

Ombre hair (usually darker up top and lighter toward the ends) is a big hit this year. The key to keeping this look on-trend is to get your ombre look fully blended. Avoid the choppy two-tone look and go for a full balayage treatment, which creates a beautiful, natural gradual transition between dark and light.

4. The perfect fringe

Like so many of the styles that are trending right now, this one hearkens to the coveted 70’s look. What is the perfect fringe? There are tons of options, most of which are on the long side. Choppy, curtain, and blunt fringes are among the most popular looks, and these are typically worn down to the eyebrows.

5. Buzz cuts go glam

That’s right! Buzz cuts are still considered an edgy hairstyle, but it’s perfectly possible to pull them off. You’ll probably get a lot of questions if you go with a buzz cut, but you’ll be able to knock ‘em dead with the confidence that this style exudes. The best part? It’s an incredibly low maintenance style—and it’s so easy to put together a polished look. Just imagine: No long locks to hide your gold hoops or the eyeshadow that perfectly matches your top!

6. Rock your reds

Red hair is always on-trend. But what are the shades to look for this fall? Cinnamon reds are huge, and so is bright and bold burnt copper. For a look that turns heads, go with a gorgeous rose gold shade.

7. Farrah Fawcett hair!

It’s no surprise this one is trending! It is, after all, one of the most-requested hairstyles of all time. But this fall, it’s coming back in a big way—and that’s because it’s the perfect encapsulation of that hot 70s look, plus it’s the perfect ‘do to show off natural waves. To get this look, ask for a long shag cut—or just show your stylist a couple of your favorite Farrah hair pics!

8. Speaking of shags…

Farrah Fawcett’s signature hairstyle isn’t the only type of shag coming back into fashion. Medium and short shags are popular, too. They give you that polished but artfully messy look, and they’re easy to maintain. Get a choppy shag to give yourself some volume, and don’t forget sweeping curtain bangs to frame your face.

DIY and At-Home Hair Tips

9. Healthy, happy hair

In keeping with the 70s theme that so many things are revolving around right now, one big focus is on the natural texture of your hair. In other words, love those straight locks of yours, or rock those curls if you’ve got them!

And the key to natural textures that look amazing? Keeping hair as happy and healthy as possible. More and more products are coming available to give straight hair mirror shine, the perfect beachy look to wavy hair, and beautifully defined ringlets for curly hair. If you haven’t already found it, your holy grail haircare product is out there!

10. Microfiber hair towels

Here’s one hair health tip that is taking prominence above all the rest! Used to simply twisting your hair up in a bath towel as soon as you step from the shower? No more! Now there are a plethora of microfiber towels designed specifically hair—and tons of benefits to using them. Their design makes them easy to twist up and lock in place while you go on with the rest of your routine, and they’re super absorbent, which lets hair dry much more quickly. Because they’re much softer than regular bath towels, microfiber towels are gentler on hair. That means less damage and less frizz!

11. Where to part your hair?

Side parts are fading from the public eye. For this fall, it’ll be all about the classic center part, which works beautifully with both formal styles and messy shags. Center parts are also perfect for people who want long bangs and side bangs.

12. Twists on the ponytail

Now that the world is opening back up, people are looking to get away from some of the easy pajama-ready styles we all rocked while staying at home—and that includes basic ponytails. For fall, look for twists on the basic ponytail theme. This includes sleek low ponytails, bubble ponytails, and ponytails decorated with scarves, ribbons, and lots of scrunchies.

13. Hair accessories galore

Where once it was all about the minimalist look, today, it’s flipping back around to more complex looks featuring beautiful hair accessories. There’s no need to hide those bobby pins anymore—not when you can show off pearled or rhinestone-encrusted pins! Headbands are a must-have item, scrunchies in every shape and size are making a huge comeback, headscarves are rising in prominence, and jaw clips are making a return, too.