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Frightening Foods for a Monstrous Bash

Hosting a Halloween party, and don't know what food to serve? We've got you covered with 16 Halloween party snacks that won't disappoint.

Frightening Foods for a Monstrous Bash

Are you gearing up for a ghoulishly good time? Thrill your party guests with spooky refreshments! Use our tricky treats to throw a monstrous bash. It's a list to die for!

Fun Halloween Food Your Guests will Love

1. Creepy crawly cupcakes

Cake is a hit at any party. To deliver on your Halloween theme, bake some creepy cupcakes. These spider web cupcakes are simple to whip up with spun sugar cobwebs and candy spiders. No need to be an artist to share these fun desserts with your guests.

2. Mummy meatloaves

If you have extra cupcake liners, you're in luck! These cute mummy meatloaves are great as an appetizer, or as entrees for your party guests. All it takes is some strategically placed mashed potatoes and peas ... and a surprise inside! (Spoiler alert: It's a cherry tomato for a macabre twist.)

3. Hauntingly delicious pizza

There's no party like a pizza party. To stay on theme, try this ghostly pizza. With spiders made from olives and ghost-shaped cheese, you're sure to leave your guests dying for more. 

4. Mummy brie

With the help of puff pastry, you can create this frightening fiend. Give him some olives for his eyes, and pair the whole snack with fruits, veggies, crackers, and spreads. 

5. Devil-ish eggs

While deviled eggs are usually spring and summer treats, don't rule them out for your Halloween bash. The secret is to give them an autumnal makeover. Introducing: "pumpkin" deviled eggs (before you ask, there's no pumpkin flavoring). Consider this a "costume" of sorts. Paprika gives the egg an orange hue, and chives act as the pumpkin stem. Take one look and you'll see why these are the perfect addition to your party. 

6. Monstrous cookies

All eyes will be on these monster cookies if you serve them at your party. The pastel coloring keeps them fun, and the candy-coated eyeballs make them perfectly spooky. If you're wondering what flavor these cookies are, the secret is vanilla cake mix. 

7. Jack o' lantern pot pie

In fall, there's nothing like good comfort food, and chicken pot pie is the ultimate. And these pot pies have a great fall twist: sweet potatoes and a jack-o'-lantern crust. These miniature pot pies will add a cozy element to your chilling soiree. 

8. Chocolate chip cookies ... with a twist

If you love a good chocolate chip cookie, you'll love this pumpkin chocolate chip version. While they don't necessarily scream "scary," you can't deny that pumpkin is a quintessential fall flavor. These Halloween-inspired tasties are good enough to make even the pickiest guest howl with delight.

9. Bite-size eyeballs

These cheesy pastry puffs that look like eyeballs are anything but horrifying. If you're looking for a gooey-gory treat for your guests, delicious bite-size eyeballs fit the bill. 

10. Rotten apples

Well, not exactly rotten. These candy apples only look that way, but truth be told, they're deliciously sweet. Top off the apples with some praline topping and a realistic gummy worm, and you've got yourself a wicked treat. 

11. Chocolate-filled pumpkins

These festive orange bundt cakes are not only delicious, but cute, and filled with a chocolatey surprise. While the recipe calls for a combination of white and milk chocolate, don't be afraid to experiment with any combination that makes you shiver with delight. 

12. Spooky fingers

Looking for budget-friendly, timesaving Halloween party food? Wrap your hands around these spooky fingers. It's deceptively simple. All you'll need are pretzel rods, melted white chocolate, and pumpkin seeds (often called pepitas). Just dip the pretzel rods in the chocolate, and pop on a pumpkin seed for a nail. You'll have these zombie-esque digits in no time. 

13. Ghastly dip

Add a bonfire flair to your party with this spooky ghost s'mores dip. Filled with layers of rich chocolate and graham crackers, and topped with deliciously toasted marshmallows, you can't go wrong. Not sure what to pair it with? Graham crackers are the obvious choice, but you can also try fruit, pretzels, or dare we say, potato chips?

14. A ghoulishly good graveyard

What makes this haunting dish so delicious is the cheesy, chicken goodness with green chiles for a kick. Graveyard chicken enchilada dip is both savory and fun to look at, with little tortilla gravestones. Serve with tortilla chips and taco fixings. 

15. The classic fall beverage

What drink screams fall better than warm apple cider? It's cozy and crisp, and adds a sophisticated fall flair to any event. You can take your cider to the next level with these apple-cinnamon cider cups, served warm or cold.

16. Jack-o'-lantern stuffed peppers

Give stuffed peppers a creepy facelift with this Halloween variation. You'll have fun carving faces into your peppers (and maybe pumpkins, too) and even more fun digging into this delicious meal. It's the best of both festivity and comfort. 

A Deliciously Good Time

We hope you feel sufficiently inspired to host the most monstrous mash of the year with these fun Halloween foods. The best part is, they're fun to make, too. Everyone in the house can have a ghoulishly good time making these terribly tempting treats.