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Top 4 Time-Saving Holiday Shopping Tips

Use our four savvy shopping secrets to save time holiday shopping. You might find some great deals along the way, too!

Top 4 Time-Saving Holiday Shopping Tips

Before the last Jack-o-lantern is packed away, the stores are already lined with holiday goodies as far as the eye can see. From pumpkin-flavored anything to rows and rows of beautiful turkeys lining up the cold shelves. 

It’s a good time to stock up on those holiday goodies, and chances are, everyone else thinks so, too. This year, we've got the plan to avoid the crowds and enjoy breezy, efficient holiday shopping for 2021.

1. The shopping list 

A shopping list is like a blueprint to build a house, except you’re building up that pantry. A great tip is to keep a general shopping list of all the things you buy on the regular and cross-reference it with your pantry and fridge stocks. Add on special items that are specific to the season and you’re good to go. 

At the store, work your way through the shelves, stick to your grocery list, and tick items off as you place them in your basket. Sticking to the list saves time! You won't get distracted as easily by all the seasonal flare. 

2. Online for the win

Online shopping, we heart you! No wrestling contests for the last jar of cranberry sauce, and we get all the joy of browsing the fun stores in our jammies while someone else handles the bulk of the grocery shopping. Opt for pickup or delivery, whichever floats your boat. 

With pickup (also called "buy online"), just choose your items online and choose a time slot to collect your stuff at the store. The best part is, many stores keep a history of your past orders and frequently purchased items, so you can quickly reorder. Time-saving for the win!

Delivery services, whether direct through the store or via a third party, will bring those babies right to your doorstep. You don’t even have to put your outside shoes on! If you want to combine time-saving with a few holiday shopping money-saving tips, look for online deals that allow you to forego that delivery fee or coupons on your regular purchases. 

3. Leave the family at home

If you're going to venture out, holiday shopping is the perfect excuse for some two-for-one alone time. When you've checked off your list, treat yourself to a leisurely cup of cocoa or lunch out. Bring along your bestie to make it a play date! Or don your favorite running shoes and get your daily steps in dashing for the biggest turkey and all the stocking stuffers. 

4. Be the early bird this year (cheap, cheap!) 

For holiday meal planning, while you can’t really buy produce in advance, frozen goods will be fine for weeks, even months ahead. Before the holidays roll around, stock up on decor, gifts, and all the other stuff you can store away before the mad rush—you'll get the good stuff before it's gone! For extra credit, buy up the extras right after the holiday. Stores slash prices dramatically to make room for new stock. Then you can skip it next year, saving even more time. 

Don't forget to check your Save mailer for coupons and deals on holiday goodies and all the everyday essentials you need year-round.