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7 Affordable Ways to Winterize Your Wardrobe

Wondering how to winterize your wardrobe? These tips will show you how to repurpose summer and fall pieces, and highlight what’s new for this year!

7 Affordable Ways to Winterize Your Wardrobe

Want to refresh your closet for colder weather without buying all-new stuff? There are lots of creative ways to repurpose pieces from summer and fall, plus additions to liven things up. Try these creative ideas to amp up your cold-weather style.

1. Rethink your summer and fall wardrobe

If you usually pack away warm-weather clothes to hibernate, think again. To winterize your summer wardrobe quickly, invest in a blazer or cardigan to pair with the tank tops and blouses you wore earlier in the year. A trench coat or peacoat also works well to keep you cozy yet chic when you’re wearing a lighter top.

2. Keep your colors

Winter looks this year are all about rich colors like dark browns, burgundy, deep green, and spicy orange. These are popular fall colors, too, so if have them in your fall wardrobe, you can easily transition them over to the next season. Pair tops in these shades with denim or dark trousers rather than whites or lighter summery shades.

3. This winter’s hottest prints

Plaids and stripes are making a comeback, but this year’s biggest print trend is florals. But we're not talking breezy spring pastels. Think bold and bright colors: ruby red, leaf green, yellow, and so on. An affordable way to get this look? Add a pretty party dress with bright florals to your winter wardrobe.

4. Scarves or hats?

Which is the winner for winter fashion 2021-2022? This year, it’s most definitely scarves. There are a couple of on-trend ways to wear them, too. If puffer vests are your thing, keep warm with a cozy knit cowl. Pair trench coats and peacoats with satin babushka scarves that wrap over your hair and around your neck for a look that is both fresh and toasty.

5. Affordable essentials to convert summer dresses!

Got a closet full of gorgeous summer dresses you wish you could wear in the winter? With three basic pieces, you can convert them to comfortable (and warm) winter outfits. Start with a pair of boots—either sleek ankle boots or combat boots to create a gritty, urban look.

Next up comes a turtleneck or cowl neck blouse. This is your underlayer to help keep warm. Choose shades that either contrast solid color dresses or pull in a color from patterned dresses, like a black turtleneck beneath animal prints featuring black stripes or spots.

Last? Top the look off with a trusty denim jacket. It’s the perfect outer layer. And since denim goes with everything, you can pair it with just about any summer dress in your closet.

6. Love those leggings!

To the great delight of legging lovers everywhere, this is one trend that just won’t go away, though it does change from time to time. The go-to legging look for this coming season focuses on basic colors rather than patterns, with black being the biggest trend. Pair them with tunic-style blouses and sweaters and top off the look with a blazer or peacoat.

7. Say it loud with geometric patterns

Wondering how to winterize your wardrobe with one stylish statement piece? Bright geometric patterns are huge on runways right now. Add the look to your wardrobe with a jacket featuring a bold geometric pattern and enjoy how powerful it makes you feel.