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6 Indoor Workouts That Save Money

Maintaining an exercise routine in winter is good for your physical and mental health. Try these creative and affordable indoor workouts.

6 Indoor Workouts That Save Money

The winter months sometimes get a bad rap for fitness, maybe because of the busy holiday season, fewer daylight hours, and weather that can be unpredictable. Maintaining an exercise routine during the winter months is not only good for your physical health but your mental health as well. Try these creative ideas for affordable (or free) fun indoor workouts to feel good year-round.

1. Follow a YouTube channel or Instagram fitness account

Social media offers plenty of options for free workouts. Search YouTube to find fitness instructors who post their workouts online or follow a Facebook or Instagram account from a fitness influencer. You'll find as much (or more) variety than expensive gyms, from yoga and Pilates to fat-burning cardio, Zumba, and weightlifting. Look for “beginner” classes to get easy at-home workouts and routines that incorporate the most effective home exercises.

2. Get a community recreation center membership

Community recreation centers have plenty of options for indoor workouts. Most have a fitness facility with typical gym equipment, as well as swimming, racquetball, basketball and other sports. Local residents, students and seniors can often get great monthly rates.

3. Ask a local gym for a discount in December

January is one of the busiest times of the year for gyms when everyone emerges from the holiday season to set their New Year's intentions. But the holidays, between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, are decidedly less crowded. Fitness facilities often have gym membership deals around the New Year. But if you want to beat the crowds, visit before the New Year and ask for a deal. They might be more accommodating at a time when they typically wouldn’t get any new signups.

4. Play on an indoor sports team

Adult recreational leagues are fun indoor workouts to get moving during the winter. Some have a small fee at the start of the season, but you get several weeks of practice and games. Plus you can meet new friends who share your sports interests.

5. Take a class at your local college

Community colleges and universities offer fitness classes, and many are available to community members. These classes are usually available for a much lower fee than what students would pay to earn college credit for the class. Some even have specific classes just for community members in the mornings, evenings, or on weekends to accommodate a work schedule.

6. Bundle up and get outside

If you don't mind braving the outdoors, there are a lot of fun winter activities that can give you a serious calorie burn. According to Harvard Health, working out in colder temperatures can be really good for your health. Cold-weather exercise can help you burn more fat and provide some exposure to sunlight to ward off seasonal depression.

After you suit up with the right winter workout gear, go for a walk or a run. Or try one of these fun activities:

  • Snowshoeing
  • Sledding (walking up and down those hills is great exercise)
  • Cross-country skiing

Before you start any cold-weather exercise routine, be sure to talk to your doctor. People with certain conditions, like asthma or heart problems, might need to take specific precautions before exercising outside in the cold.

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