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WOW Holiday Decorating for Less

Happy holidays! Are you ready to make everything sparkle? Have a look at these holiday decor savings and ideas to bring a festive mood to your home on a budget.

WOW Holiday Decorating for Less
When the happy, happy holidays are here, everything deserves to sparkle. As stores fill up with garlands, trees, and faux gifts, it's only natural to want to bring this cheery vibe into your home. After all, we only get to go all-out with these bright and luminescent holiday decorations for a month, so let's get cracking on cozying every room in the house. 

We're here to help you decorate for less. If you're one for savvy savings, then these bright holiday decoration ideas will do an exceptional job at adding pizzazz to your home for minimal cost. 

1. Holiday macramé

Macramé has made a comeback, and we love it! Macramé hits this year's holiday trends of natural, warm, inviting, and bohemian. There are simple ways to create your macramé holiday decor with cream twine and a few knots. You can craft wall hangers (dye the tips), cute string garlands, mini tree decorations, or star macramé wreaths. You won't need complicated materials or tools, and countless online tutorials can show you the ropes. (See what we did there?)

2. Tinsel

Tinsel packs a punch for little money. Rather than hanging it all around the home, have a go at these sparkly holiday decorations:

  • Wind tinsel around wire letters to make L-O-V-E letters that are bright and clear for all to see
  • If you have some broken tinsel bits in the bottom of your holiday decor storage, then why not fill some dollar store clear baubles? They're quick to make and look like brand new decorations for low money. 
  • Pair tinsel with any other decorations for that extra bit of glitz

3. Nostalgic decorations

During the holidays, we come to appreciate meaningful treasures and moments. There is a sense of nostalgia around the holiday season, as we spend time with family, enjoy holiday traditions and relish that we get to gather again. 

One of the holiday themes for this year is to embrace the nostalgic and retro. Hashtags like #retrochristmas and #nostalgicchristmas are trending. It's the perfect time to visit Grandma and raid the attic for vintage decorations from eras past. Bonus: Old or used decorations are usually cheaper than new, commercial ornaments.

Here are some goodies to look out for:

  • Vintage holiday banners
  • Retro holiday cards that you can repurpose
  • Vintage glass decorations
  • Iconic ceramic ornaments and trees
  • Blue, gold, or white vintage ceramics for a gorgeous Hanukkah table setting
  • Retro holiday-themed cookie tins
  • Crocheted or embroidered holiday cushions or wall-hangers
  • Kitsch holiday crockery 

4. Hygge holiday decor

Hygge is a Scandinavian concept that encourages warmth, cuddliness, and a heart-warming connection with those you love. When it's snowy and cold outside, hygge is what we want for the holidays. The idea is to use natural elements and comforting items like extra cushions, fluffy blankets, and floor pillows to invite everyone to snuggle around the fire with games, books, or conversation. Imagine soft lighting and a soothing warm drink to create that perfect hygge holiday mood. 

The best thing about hygge holiday decor is that it's often affordable. Thrift some knitted blankets, add some soft lighting to your living room (old candles work, too) and go for a walk in the forest to inspire your designs. Spraypainted pinecones, nature-made wreaths, beautiful fur tree branches, wooden DIY decorations, and natural greenery all add hygge to your home.

5. Use recycled materials

Going green and using recycled materials are at the forefront of 2021 holiday trends. Fostering a sustainable holiday season means creating less waste. Here are some fun ideas for holiday decor savings that make the earth smile:

  • Make cute garlands with recycled items like vintage lace pieces, old doilies from a thrift store, sprayed pinecones, cutouts from old books or magazines, or even foods like dried clementines, cranberries, or popcorn. 
  • Grab those outgrown or "ugly" Christmas sweaters and turn them into festive wall pieces or ornaments. Tighten small sweater pieces in tiny embroidery hoops, trim as needed, and hang with ribbon. So cute!
  • While you're chopping up unsightly sweaters, keep the sleeves as table or chair leg warmers or slide them onto jars for a cozy vase filled with fresh forest foliage.

6. Lights, lights, everywhere!

Warm and low-key lighting with coppers and golds can create a relaxing space. Alternately, you can search for silver or white lighting for a frosty look. Or, go bright, cheerful, and childlike, with lights of all colors. This year, anything goes! 

LED lights can be more expensive than regular incandescent light bulbs, but they have a longer lifespan and use less energy. If you're going to use these lights year after year, LEDs will save you money in the long run. Here are some ideas to make the lighting work for your overall holiday decor:

  • String twinkle lights around a metal wreath for a modern wall accent
  • Make candles. It's cheaper than store bought, and they create a beautiful ambiance for family evenings.
  • Fairy lights have a magical effect when clustered together. Pick a window or entryway to fill with lights. Hang them from the ceiling, bunch them in mason jars, and make a bright and magical display.

Pro tip: Place lights in front of or across from a mirror for a more significant impact.

Happy holiday decorations for less

Whatever your decorating plans, have fun doing it! Get your family involved, pump the holiday music, light a fir-tree candle, and, most importantly, make memories. As you look around at your creations, we hope you get a smile on your face remembering the good times you had (and the money you saved) making merry.

For even more savings, check out your Save mailer for coupons and deals on the holiday and everyday essentials you love.