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Best Winter Board Games for Every Age and Occasion

Cozy up with friends and family over the perfect board game this season. Get together and enjoy the laughter and memories great board games bring.

Best Winter Board Games for Every Age and Occasion

Board games are one of the best winter activities, a chance to connect with friends and family and create memories they'll share forever. Not a board game expert? This list of the best board games for any age and every occasion will help you find the perfect one.

1. Best for small families: Exploding Kittens 

Ages: 7+ | Players: 2-5

This game is simple enough for younger kids to grasp but fun enough for people of all ages to enjoy. Players take turns drawing cards, trying to avoid an exploding kitten card (get one, and you lose). Defuse cards distract exploding kittens to keep you safe, while cards like "skip," "attack," and "relocate" can keep the exploding kittens at bay.

2. Best family game for large groups: One Night Ultimate Werewolf

Ages: 8+ | Players: 2-10

This fast-paced family game is easy to get up to speed and short enough to keep everyone entertained. Players draw cards for either the Villager or Werewolf team, and then everyone tries to locate the werewolves. Each round takes about 10 minutes. It comes with a free app to explain the game and select the cards for each round.

3. Best game for teens and tweens: Wits & Wagers

Age: 13+ | Players: 5+ 

This trivia game isn't about what you know, but how lucky you can get betting on the correct answer. Players answer trivia questions with their best guess, then bet on whose answer they think is most accurate, without going over (The Price Is Right-style). Whoever gets the most right answers wins. 

4. Best cooperative game for young kids: Outfoxed

Age: 5+ | Players 2-4

This teamwork-positive game has everyone focused on trying to identify the guilty fox. Players work together to sort through suspects and clues, then decode the information to find out whodunit. If it takes too long, the fox escapes!

5. Best game for very young children: The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game

Age: 3-6 | Players 2-4

For really young kids, this board game helps them learn color matching and fine motor skills. Players use a squirrel squeezer to pick up matching colored acorns and place them in a log. The first one to fill up their log wins.

6. Best game for adult party night: What Do You Meme? 

Age: 17+ | Players: 3+

If you love Cards Against Humanity, but you've played it enough to memorize the cards, it's time to break out the next iteration. What Do You Meme is a similar style, where a player flips over a meme card, then other players submit the best caption from their cards.

Happy playing!