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How to Rock Red With Any Skin Tone

If you're wondering how to wear red lipstick or red fashion, check out our guide to choosing the right shade of red for your skin tone.

How to Rock Red With Any Skin Tone

The color red sometimes gets a bad rap. It's so bright and vibrant it can feel like you're making a bold statement, whether it's your clothing, hair, or makeup. Fortunately, red comes in many shades and there's a perfect one for every skin tone, season, and personality. Use these insider tips to choose the right hue for you. 

Which skin tones wear red best?

*Anyone* can wear red! You just have to find the right shade for your specific skin. For example, cool shades of red typically work better with fairer skin tones, while darker skin tones look great with rich, deep shades of red. From there, you can make smart shopping choices at the drugstore or beauty counter that will have you looking (and feeling) your best.

How should I wear red lipstick?

It doesn't get any more classic than red lipstick. Don't be afraid to swatch a few shades at the drugstore until you find one that lights you up. If you have dark skin, deeper skin tones typically work well with rich shades of red. Look for colors that remind you of red wine or juicy berries. If your skin is more olive-toned, reach for a lipstick with orange or yellow undertones, like coral or poppy. If you have lighter, fair skin, choose a lipstick shade with a cool, blue undertone - look for a lip color like maroon. This will brighten your complexion and make your teeth seem whiter, too! 

Looking for a rosy shade of rouge to add to your makeup collection? Keep these same rules in mind when you're shopping for the perfect blush.

Does red clothing suit all skin tones?

Much like lipstick and makeup, you can add the right shade of red to your wardrobe based on your skin tone. But instead of determining the right red based on lightness or darkness, when it comes to clothing, we're going to talk about warmth and coolness. You can find your skin tone using a blank, white piece of paper. Hold it up to your face in the mirror. If your skin looks yellowish or light brown next to the paper, then you have a warm tone. If your skin looks pink or blue, then you have a cool tone. And if your skin looks gray, then your skin is considered a neutral tone. 

From here, you can determine what shades of red clothing will look best. If you have a warm skin tone, you'll look great in organic, warm colors like red, coral, and amber. If you have a cool skin tone, reach for shades of red that are closer to maroon or rose. If your skin has a neutral undertone, avoid reds with orange undertones and choose bluer shades or a bright, true red instead. 

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