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Affordable Self-Care Getaways

From affordable glamping to affordable spa retreats, check out these self-care vacation ideas, including ones you can do without leaving town.

Affordable Self-Care Getaways

Did you know? Taking a vacation can be good for your health! Research has shown people who take vacations benefit from increased mindfulness, improved heart health and reduced stress.

A “vacation” can be anything that gets you out of your everyday routine and environment. There are many affordable wellness retreats that can breathe some relaxation into your life. Check out these ideas.

1. Glamping

Pair “camping” and “glamorous” together, and you get an elevated form of outdoor time in nature. Being outside can make you feel calmer, improve your mood and reduce feelings of isolation. Affordable glamping can range from yurts (large outdoor tents that hold beds and furniture inside) to forest treehouses.

Many regular campsites now offer glamping accommodations as well. Some feature full bathrooms and showers so you can stay fresh while you immerse yourself in nature.

2. Affordable spa retreats

When you want to get pampered on the cheap, skip resort spas and search for local specialty spas, communal spas, or day spas. 

Some massage studios feature group rooms, where you get foot and leg massages in a common area, usually with low lighting so you still feel relaxed. You could wear an eye mask or listen to music in earbuds to escape into your own world.

With day spas, you purchase a day pass to use the amenities and book treatments at your own pace. Indoor spas often have saunas and steam rooms, a cool pool, cold dip, hot tubs and massage services. (Pro tip: Some upscale resort and hotel spas have this option on the DL, so don't be afraid to ask!)  For something more rustic, try an outdoor day spa with hot springs or mud baths, typically less expensive than traditional spas. 

3. Yoga studio day

Want to quiet your mind? Build your own schedule of classes at a local yoga studio. Some yoga spaces will offer a variety of classes that include both physical movement and meditation. For example, yoga nidra is a form of yoga similar to guided meditation, where you lay down on a mat, close your eyes and follow along to a guide.

Some yoga studios may also offer sound baths featuring gongs and singing bowls, which induce relaxation. You can seek out solo wellness retreats at your local studio by checking out the schedule and going to several classes in a row. You might start with an active yoga exercise class, then follow it up with a meditation class and a sound bath for a soothing day.

4. Book a staycation

Sometimes, a simple change of scenery is enough to transport you to another world. Home-sharing sites like Airbnb have a variety of price points and accommodations. You can book a place as short as an hour away for an inexpensive escape, so you can focus on yourself for a night or a weekend. There are even pool shares available in some warmer climates, where you can rent a pool for a weekend or a few hours.

To create your own spa sanctuary, book a place with a nice bathroom or bathtub. Take a bubble bath, bring a face mask, and wear your comfiest robe and slippers. Look up interesting things to do where you’re staying. Go out and explore new spots close, but far away enough, from where you live. Trying new things can stimulate creativity and put you more in touch with yourself. 

Get creative with self-care

Self-care escapes can happen right in your own neighborhood. Take a phone-free mental health walk around the block, listen to a guided meditation online, or take a recharging bath with lavender Epsom salts. Let go of your to-do list and focus on enjoying the moment to maximize the benefits. You deserve it!

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