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How to Slash Your Heating Bill

Unpack those thermal socks and snuggly rugs and rethink those windows as we look at ways to improve your heating bill.

How to Slash Your Heating Bill

With only around 80% of Americans able to cover those energy bills in 2021, it might be time to relegate that vintage (AKA old!) gas-guzzling fridge to the curb. We'd much rather snuggle by the fireplace with a hot cup of cocoa than crunch energy bill numbers. 

1. Get creative with fabric and tapestries 

Your home can be comfortably warm for a few weeks in early winter without heat if you use the right fabrics. Rugs and curtains are known for their heat-retaining abilities. While you're at it, throw on a pair of socks and a cozy sweater to turn the heat down (even if just a little!) for a little while longer.

2. Embrace vintage heating techniques 

Modern homes are slowly reintroducing large fireplaces and wood burners as a simple and effective way to heat the house. Though an old-fashioned method, newer wood-burning stoves have helpful add-ons such as catalytic combusters that allow a low and slow burn, reducing the amount of wood or pellets you need. Keep an eye out for high-efficiency fireplaces to make the most of this heating method. 

3. Double up on windows 

Windows can sap heat from your house faster than Uncle John gobbles the last bit of stuffing on Thanksgiving. But investing in double-glazed windows has several benefits, including better heat insulation. They also cut down on fading furniture and curtains, keep your house cooler during summer, and add value to your property. While the initial investment is more than with other window types, double-glazed windows can slash your overall energy spend. New windows not in your budget? See tip #5 for lower-cost ideas.

4. Get smart 

Smart technology lets you control the weather in your house even when you're not there. It's easy and efficient if you're going away for the day (or week or month!) and want to come back to a snuggly abode without running the heat for hours on end. With smart technology, you can control the thermostat remotely, set a timer to close the curtains, and even identify heating maintenance issues before they become a problem. 

5. Use sealing products

Sealing your home is a great way to keep warm air inside and Frosty's fingers where they belongin the great outdoors! Go the pro route by doing an energy audit. Or, to DIY, check out rooms and areas that feel colder than the rest and make sure they're well sealed. Common areas that tend to zap toasty air include attic doors and basement windows and doors. Seal any exterior door with rubber weatherstrips that still allow movement.

Keeping your house warm can be as simple as a pile of soft throws and rugs to adding value with fireplaces and intelligent systems.

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