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5 Ways to Get Paid to Exercise

Did you know? There are quite a few ways you can make money while getting fit! Here’s a list of apps and other things you can do to get paid while you exercise.

5 Ways to Get Paid to Exercise

It’s so hard to find the motivation to work out sometimes, right? But what if you got paid for it? That’s right—there are some ways you can get paid to exercise. No get-rich-quick schemes here, but these ideas will put a little bit of spare change in your pocket. Read below to learn about jobs that involve exercise and other ways you can get fit while making money.

1. Youtube

Interested in creating fitness instruction videos? Post them on Youtube! Youtube allows you to make money through targeted ads, which means you can put some extra change in your pocket—while working out and teaching others to get fit, too.

If your following grows large enough, you’ll also be able to advertise directly for manufacturers as an influencer. That means you could earn affiliate dollars for people who purchase fitness equipment and accessories using the link you provide in your video’s description.

2. Instagram

Insta is another way for social media enthusiasts to make money. Unlike Youtube, you won’t earn directly through advertising dollars, but if you create a fitness brand and gain a following, you can earn through affiliate marketing—which basically means that you can use your Instagram posts to promote brands and earn passive income when people buy products using affiliate links.

3. Become a referee

Love sports? Then why not officiate them? While it’s unlikely that you’ll run out and become an NFL referee overnight, there are probably lots of local sports leagues right in your community, from kids’ leagues to adult leagues. And all of them need someone to ref. Football, hockey, baseball, soccer—you name it. Check out some of your favorite sports and ask about positions as a referee. You’ll find that most leagues will pay at least a little—and it’s a gig that will get you burning some calories.

4. Try myWalgreens Health Goals

Here’s an app that will help you get paid to work out. Health Goals from myWalgreens is just what the name suggests. The app gets you to join a 4-week health challenge. You’ll track your progress throughout the challenge, and when you complete it, you’ll earn Walgreens Cash rewards.

5. Try Evidation

This is another app that pays you to get fit—and it’s perfect if you use apps like Apple Health, Fitbit, or RunKeeper. Simply connect your favorite health apps to Evidation and start earning points for working out, meditating, tracking meals, and more. Every 10,000 points you earn translates to $10 that you can redeem either via PayPal, direct deposit, or by donating to charity.

Make money working out—and Save money, too!

There are lots of creative ways to put some money in your pocket while working your way to fitness. And if you need a way to keep some of your hard-earned cash, be sure to check Save for savings and deals on everything you need to get fit and lead a healthy life!