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7 Tips for Staying Covid-safe at Music Festivals

If you're looking to stay Covid-safe during 2022’s music festivals, then look no further, for we have collated the top seven tips for staying safe come summer.

7 Tips for Staying Covid-safe at Music Festivals

With summer fast approaching, millions across the world are ecstatic to once again be attending festivals. Lineups are starting to be announced, and with it, plans are being put into place to make festival plans as seamless and stress-free as possible- because that means more time for dancing. 

But that doesn’t mean people aren’t looking to be cautious and keep both themselves and those around them safe from Covid-19. While most of the information will already be drilled into you, it’s also smart to go over the basics. 

Take a look:

Understand your festivals covid policy

Each festival will have a covid policy in place that will comply with the area’s rules and legislation. Understanding what you can and can’t do is the first step in your festival planning, so make sure to include covid checks in those plans. For instance, Coachella recently announced that they would not require vaccination confirmation, masks, or testing to enter. 

All information should be readily available through your chosen festival’s website.  

Mask up

Masks are still the first line of defense against the virus and any other nasty particles floating around in the air, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look good. There are so many gorgeous options out there, many of which could easily be paired with a matching ensemble. 

Even if festivals do not mandate mask-wearing, there may be some areas where you feel it’s necessary to wear one. Stock up on disposable masks to take with you, or invest in a reusable one that effectively protects you against covid. 

Sanitize your worries

Hand sanitizer should undoubtedly be on your packing list already, as most festivals don’t have the most stellar wash facilities. Festivals may again have stations easily accessible, but having your own reduces the risk of infection and means you are always prepared. 

You can also purchase various holders and carry cases for your hand sanitizer bottles, meaning even your sanitary products can be color coordinated. 

Go the distance

Trying to practice social distancing at a festival may seem like a difficult concept, but it all comes down to your personal approach. If you are concerned about contracting the virus, you may want to situate yourself away from busy stages and huge crowds.

However, should you feel sufficiently protected, then of course get as close to the stage as humanly possible!  

Innoculation before vacation

Festivals may choose to mandate vaccinations for entry, in which case you will need to stay up to date on your jabs and be aware as to which festivals are making the change.

It may also be something you start immediately if not up to date, as waiting times will differ depending on your area. 

Test, test, test

Rapid testing systems are your new best friend, for the festival at least. Pack enough in your bag, and you can test every day for your own peace of mind. 

Find some help

What happens if you suddenly test positive away from home? Understanding what to do in a covid emergency is always smart. Identify whether a festival has a covid officer and whether they have facilities specifically catered to countering covid. 

Such facilities may offer more in-depth testing, masks, and sanitary products that can be used to clean your living area. 

Ultimately, covid preparation comes down to one thing, planning. If you plan for every instance, you’ll have more time to have fun and less time dedicated to stressing out about the virus.