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Save Are You Paying Too Much for These 11 Everyday Things?

Are You Paying Too Much for These 11 Everyday Things?

Prices are going up, so now is a great time to find ways to save money. From Save, here are some easy hacks to pay less for everyday items.

Are You Paying Too Much for These 11 Everyday Things?

Prices continue to rise, so now is a great time to start looking for ways to save money. Hacks can actually be pretty easy, allowing you to keep more money in your pocket without feeling like you’re missing out. Here are a few everyday things worth paying attention to if you want to save your money.


There are several ways to save money on gas. Track prices for a week to see which day has the lowest prices. Join a loyalty program, and when possible, pay cash! Most gas stations still charge a few cents more when you pay by card.


To save money on groceries, learn to love coupons, and don't forget that many stores will honor coupons from their competitors. Also, make sure you're at the store with the lowest prices. If you always shop at the same place, you might be surprised how much they can vary! In addition, buy store brands, stick to a list, and get familiar with your store’s cycle of sale items.


Is it time to cut the cord? Cable packages are pricey and may not even offer the content you want. There are streaming services that function like cable, complete with DVR options and time-shifting, for a fraction of the cost.

Streaming services

Streaming is a great alternative to cable, but the name-brand services are pricey. If you can live with commercials, download a few of the free services, such as basic Peacock or IMDb TV, to see if you enjoy their content. You may be able to replace one or more of your paid subscriptions.


Did you know that a lot of stores offer certain generic drugs for either free or $4 per month? If you need a pricier medication, find out if your insurance covers prescriptions by mail. You’ll often get a sizeable discount if you go through your insurer’s mail-order program, especially if you order a 90 day supply each time.

Extended warranties

Today, we’re offered extended warranties on even the smallest handheld appliances, but don't sign up for them! Most of what we buy isn’t an investment, and isn’t worth carrying an extended warranty. In some cases, an extended warranty on your home or car makes sense. But do you really want to pay extra to extend the two-year warranty on your $20 toaster?

Bottled water

In most cases, individual bottles of water are a waste of money. Choose a refillable bottle instead. It's also better for the environment! If you don’t like the way your water tastes, you can add a small home filter for the price of a couple of cases of individual bottles. If you really want single bottles, choose a store brand and buy in bulk.


Even before the pandemic, home delivery was popular. Today, a lot of us have everything delivered, from groceries and home goods to restaurant meals. But paying delivery fees can add up quickly. Ditch the fees by choosing pickup options when possible. If delivery is important to you, most delivery services offer monthly or annual subscriptions that cover the fees. See if you order enough from any one place to make the subscription a cheaper option.


You’ll also find free, legal movies across the internet. If you have a DVD or Blu-Ray player, you can also borrow movies from your library.

Cell service

Everyone has unique needs, but with so many smaller cell services now available, it’s time to revisit your current plan. Do you really need everything you’re paying for? Could you get it for less from a smaller carrier?


Insurance coverage is highly personal, but it’s always worth comparing rates. You may be able to get similar coverage for less money from another company. Or your current company might offer discounts that you’re not taking advantage of, such as those for safe drivers.

Save money with deals from Save

A few simple hacks can help you save your money without feeling deprived. With the Save mailer, you’ll receive weekly coupons for all the everyday essentials you love. Be sure to check your weekly Save mailer for savings on some of your favorite items!