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SaveRecipes & Dining Healthy Dinners on a Budget: How to Save Money on Fruit and Vegetables

Healthy Dinners on a Budget: How to Save Money on Fruit and Vegetables

Wondering how to save money on fruits and vegetables? There are lots of ways to cut your grocery bills and keep your dinners healthy!

Healthy Dinners on a Budget: How to Save Money on Fruit and Vegetables

In case you haven't noticed (and if you haven't, are you feeling OK?), we are all about saving money around here! And if you’re like many people, you’ve probably been noticing your grocery bills creeping up little by little (or maybe even a lot).

So what should you do? No—the answer isn’t to fill up on cheap hot dogs or rice and beans. We’ll show you easy ways to save money on groceries—and that will include how to get more fruits and vegetables on a budget!

1. Broaden your shopping horizons

It’ll take some extra time, but it’ll be well worth your buck to try shopping at several different stores for deals. If you like to buy things in bulk, hit up membership stores for low prices on staple items. Check discount grocers each week for deals on fruit, veggies, and meat, and shop the sales at your regular grocery stores.

Be sure to look for coupons, too, both manufacturer coupons (which are valid at most stores) and store coupons (which are valid at the store issuing them). Insider tip: If you’re looking for fruit and veggie coupons, you’re most likely to find them among store coupons.

2. Try a grocery delivery service

We know what you’re probably thinking—high delivery fees—but hear us out! Having your groceries delivered can save you in a couple of ways.

First, it saves you time—and that’s time that you can use to make your own budget-friendly freezer meals or to visit those farmers’ markets that you can’t quite fit into your schedule.

Grocery delivery also helps you shop responsibly. You can do it on your laptop—with the store ad right in front of you to make it easy to shop for deals. And all those impulse items that so often find their way into the shopping cart? It’s much easier to eliminate these purchases when you shop online. Virtual shopping means you don’t have to walk past all those tempting treats, plus it’s easy to glance through your virtual shopping cart prior to checkout to make sure you got what you need and nothing more.

Price comparison is another great reason to use delivery services and apps. Most will tell you whether the online price is the same or higher than the in-store price. Even better, many apps let you shop with different stores, so don't just click on the first store in the app. Browse around for the one that gives the best deals.

3. Shop at produce markets and farmers’ markets

What’s the difference between these two? Produce markets are generally open year-round, and because they specialize in produce only, they can usually get much better deals than grocery stores. Farmers’ markets offer local goods—usually at a great price—but in many areas, they’re only open during the growing season.

If you’re wondering where to buy cheap fruits and vegetables, one or both of these markets will do you good. Browse for deals—and if you find mega deals, consider ways to freeze or preserve some of that bounty for later.

How to find a produce or farmers' market near you? Google is your friend at first. Start with a search for local markets. If that turns up nothing, that doesn't mean there isn't a market! Markets are funny like that. Many are seasonal, and most are small ventures on small budgets, so they may not have spent time and money on a website. Do a quick search on Facebook to find market pages or the hidden gems people in your area are talking about, and be sure to flip through the pages of your local newspaper to spot ads or announcements about new markets.

4. Shop the seasons

If you know what to buy and when to buy, then you know how to save money on vegetables and fruits. For instance, apples are usually much cheaper in the fall because that’s when the apple harvest is coming in. Spring is the best time to get things like asparagus, spinach, peas, and other early-season crops. In the summer, look for deals on berries, tomatoes, and peppers. Learn when your favorites are in season to learn when you can get great deals.

We can help you save even more on fruits and vegetables!

Ready to go shopping? Before you do, make sure that you check your weekly Save mailer for coupons and deals on nutritious fruits and veggies.