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Never Throw Away Overripe Bananas: Try These Recipes Instead!

Looking for ways to get those old bananas used up? Try these easy, delicious banana recipes for healthy, delicious breakfasts and snacks.

Never Throw Away Overripe Bananas: Try These Recipes Instead!

In kitchens everywhere, overripe bananas end up in the trash (but we hope the compost!). Ready to toss your own past-their-prime bananas? Not so fast! Turns out, overripe bananas are one of the most useful ingredients in the kitchen. There’s so much you can do with them—including freezing them for later if you want to make muffins, bread, and other baked goods.

And speaking of recipes, let’s take a look at a mix of healthy banana recipes and your favorite banana baked goods to get those old ‘naners used up!

1. Try these Banana Bread Overnight Oats

OK, so banana bread isn’t exactly healthy even if it is tasty—but this recipe gives you plenty of banana bread flavor plus lots of other good stuff. It’s super simple, too. Just mix fiber-rich oats with bananas, almond milk, probiotic-packed Greek yogurt, flavorings, and some walnuts for texture and protein. Let it sit in the fridge overnight and wake up to a healthy, easy banana breakfast.

2. Make this Banana Pudding

We love banana pudding because not only is it pretty, but it’s pretty tasty—and pretty easy to make, too! The recipe linked above is among the internet’s most popular recipes for banana pudding, and we recommend making it just like the videos show so that you can see the layers of cookies, pudding, and bananas through a clear glass compote. All it takes to make this fantastic dessert is bananas, vanilla pudding, vanilla wafers, whipped topping, and a few staples to bring it all together.

3. Go bananas with the ultimate Banana Banana Bread

If you’re looking for banana bread recipes, look no further than this one, which boasts more than 16,000 reviews! It’s a classic recipe that calls for the usual suspects: flour, baking soda, salt, butter, brown sugar, eggs, and of course, overripe bananas. Add nuts or don’t—you decide—but make sure to enjoy it toasty warm with maybe a little bit of butter and jam.

4. Go with the Banana Cake VI Recipe

As you can imagine, lots of banana cake recipes pop up on, but this one tops the charts. It’s perfect for fans of banana bread who want to elevate their experience with a light, moist cake packed with flavor. This recipe also includes ingredients and instructions for a light cream cheese frosting that pairs perfectly with the cake.

5. Make the world’s easiest Banana-Nutella Ice Cream

Everyone loves ice cream—and you love easy recipes, right? It doesn’t get easier than this one. You need four bananas, peeled, sliced, and frozen, plus half a cup of Nutella. Put them in a food processor and blend until smooth, then place the mixture in a loaf pan and freeze it for a couple of hours to get the right texture. It’s so easy—and it’s dairy-free for those of us who love ice cream but can’t handle dairy products.

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