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Where to Buy Cheap Books Online & Find Book Deals

Learn where to buy cheap books online and find free copies to read. See where to find cheap books online with free shipping and other deals.

Where to Buy Cheap Books Online & Find Book Deals

Hey there, bookworm! Reading is one of the healthiest habits you can cultivate. Burying your nose in a book provides lots of mental and physical benefits, like:

  • Stronger and more sophisticated neural networks
  • Heightened empathy
  • Reduced stress
  • Increased vocabulary
  • Improved cognitive functioning

Reading transports you to whole new environments that broaden your worldview. It gives you something productive to focus on and talk about with loved ones.

When you want to get your reading fix, there are lots of ways to get cheap new books online and used or free copies. From cheap books online with free shipping to free apps that let you borrow new titles, here are some places to search.

1. Find cheap books online with free shipping

Lots of online booksellers offer free shipping as a value-add to customers. You can find cheap books online with free shipping in the U.S. here:

  • AbeBooks: find rare books, textbooks, and other books and collectibles
  • get used and new books, no shipping costs are required
  • Amazon: secure free shipping on any purchase that’s more than $25

You can also sign up for mailing lists of retailers like Barnes & Noble to get emails for deals, including free shipping. Check with your local retailers to see if they have subscriber lists with deals, too.

2. Sign up for a digital library card

If you have a tablet or smartphone, that’s a great device to read a free book on. Your local library might have a digital library, where you can check out free books online and get them instantly delivered to your library app.

You can even sign up online, as long as you have a valid home address in the local area where the library’s located. If you like to try before you buy, a free library app’s a great option for checking out books.

3. Enter free book giveaways

Goodreads is a really cool community for book lovers, where you can log what you read, write reviews, connect with friends, and more. Another awesome part of the site is that it usually runs dozens of free book giveaways at a time.

When you create a profile and mark a book as “Want to Read,” you’ll get emails whenever there’s a free book giveaway for that title. You can also enter as many book giveaways as you want for free on the site. If you win, you’ll get a physical copy of the book shipped right to your house.

4. Join a book subscription club

Love to read, but aren’t picky? Join a book subscription club. These clubs often provide discounts on books, since you’ve committed to getting a certain number of titles a month or year.

Some book subscription clubs you might research include:

  • The Book DropGet a new book from an independent bookstore each month, starting at around $17 per month. 
  • Book of the MonthChoose from up to seven quality hard-back book titles each month, starting at $9.99 for your first month and then $16.99 after that.
  • Used Books MonthlyGet as many as four gently used books a month for as little as $15.75 per month. Choose how many books you want and how you want to pay for potentially bigger savings.
  • A Book and a BonusThis subscription box starts at $10 a box per month and delivers a wholesome fiction book, mostly from the romance category, plus a small bonus gift item.

There are book subscription clubs with different themes and genre focuses, so you can find one that interests you.

Save on books in stores, too

Want more book savings? Check your Save mailer, where you might find coupons on books at your favorite physical stores, too.