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6 Funny Podcasts to Put You in the Best Mood

Looking for a laugh? Check out these 6 funny podcasts that are sure to make you laugh out loud whenever you listen. Discover funny podcast episodes, topics, hosts and so much more.

6 Funny Podcasts to Put You in the Best Mood

Whether you're stuck in traffic, making dinner, or going for a stroll, a podcast is a surefire way to pass the time - and if you're listening to the right episode, you might even get a laugh or two. Discover 6 funny podcasts that are sure to lift your spirits and make you laugh out loud... wherever you're listening. 

1. My Favorite Murder

From the title, you might not think this is a show packed with funny podcast episodes - but the two comedian hosts, Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff, bring plenty of humor to the murder cases they discuss. If you're fascinated by true crime but also need a few laughs, definitely check out this fan-favorite woman-hosted podcast. 

2. Ask Me Another

Are you a fan of trivia nights or general knowledge games? Ophira Eisenberg, the host of Ask Me Another, brings plenty of fun trivia questions to the table in her podcast. You'll also be entertained by hilarious celebrity guests - some recent appearances include funny folks like Chelsea Handler, Melissa McCarthy, and Ed Helms. 

3. Office Ladies

If you're someone who's constantly re-watching The Office (but really - who isn't?), take your obsession with the beloved sitcom to a new level with this podcast. The Office stars Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey, Pam and Angela, respectively, host the show and take you through each TV episode with plenty of behind-the-scenes information and LOL-worthy tidbits. 

4. Doughboys

Do you fancy yourself a foodie? We have a feeling you'll get a kick out of this podcast, hosted by comedians Mike Mitchell and Nick Wiger. On the show, they invite special guests to review fast food and chain restaurants in a way that's totally honest, hilarious, and sure to make you hungry. We recommend keeping a snack nearby!

5. Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me

National Public Radio produces some of the best podcasts out there - and this one has plenty of funny podcast episodes that are sure to make you laugh out loud. This weekly quiz show-style podcast is hosted by Peter Sagal, and in each episode, you can test your knowledge alongside celeb guest stars like Patti Smith, Chance the Rapper, KeKe Palmer, and more. 

6. Nobody Panic

Formerly known as The Debrief, the Nobody Panic podcast is self-described as "your guidebook to being a fully functioning adult without screaming all the time." Every week co-hosts Stevie Martin and Tessa Coates tackle all of life's big questions with help from experts and special guests. Whether it's understanding how to buy a house, become a morning person, or file your taxes, these funny podcast episodes will give you a little life advice and plenty of laughs.

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