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A Self Care Routine for Kids

With these six fun ideas for self-care routines for kids you can equip your children with the tools to sustain physical and mental health throughout life.

A Self Care Routine for Kids

These days our lives are filled to overflowing. Our children’s schedules are jam-packed and they are bombarded by stimulation from screens and social media. Now, more than ever, it is essential to help our children understand the importance of self-care, so here are six tips on how to teach self-care to kids. Don't forget to check out our ideas for Self Care Sunday for the whole family!

Selfcare for kids: How to explain it to them

Selfcare isn’t limited to bubble baths and meditation. Explain self-care to kids by telling them that self-care is any activity that you do to stay physically, mentally, and emotionally well. For the wee ones, you can explain that self-care activities are things that help you to stay healthy and feel good and happy.

Practical self-care tips kids can practice

Caring for yourself is about caring for your body, knowing when to take a break, and learning to identify feelings. For young children, self-care instructions should sound more like a game than tips from a self-help book. Try these six tips for fun self-care for kids.

1. Take a break

Young and old, we all need some downtime when life gets hectic. Incorporate a time in the day when everyone in the family spends time doing a quiet activity on their own. It could be an activity as simple as lying on a picnic blanket in the garden watching the clouds go by or blowing bubbles. Older kids might like to read a book in their comfort corner or build LEGO.

2. Dance party

When it looks like the wheels are about to come off, put on some tunes and pump up the volume. For the littles, put on a Disney playlist, and then just dance and jiggle until you all feel better.

3. Coloring in to cool down

Drawing and freewriting are wonderful ways to decompress. Create a space (the kitchen table is just fine!) and give your kids the necessary tools and ten or fifteen minutes to draw or write.

4. Big belly breaths

When you need to press the reset button, taking a few deep breaths can help a great deal. Hold a pretend birthday cake in front of your child. Tell them to take a big, deep breath to smell the delicious cake. Then tell them to slowly blow out all the candles on the cake.

5. Take a snack break

Sometimes an emotional meltdown is quite simply low blood sugar. Schedule snack breaks throughout your children’s days. A snack in time saves nine!

6. Safari walks

When you have a bit of excess energy and need to defuse a tricky situation, get your kids to pretend to be different animals in the wild. Stretch up long necks and take long strides to walk like a giraffe. Stomp those feet and wave your trunk when you are an elephant.

Save on self-care essentials

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