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Fun Glow in the Dark Activities Kids & Teens Will Love

Plan a mesmerizing glow in the dark party with DIY activities the whole family will love. These glow in the dark ideas will make your kids love the dark.

Fun Glow in the Dark Activities Kids & Teens Will Love

Glow in the dark activities are magical, mesmerizing and one notch above a simple DIY craft. And they offer yet another non-screen solution to restless and bored kids. By adding glow in the dark stars or crafts to a summer garden or pajama party, you'll be giving your kids a compelling reason to keep on playing once the stars are out. 

Here are some of our favorite glow in the dark activities that kids of all ages will love. 

Glow in the dark games with glowsticks

Invite friends and family over for a summer barbeque. Once the moon is out, the lawn games come out too - and they glow in the dark! Create a fun glow in the dark party by using glowsticks in the following ways:

  • Glow in the dark water balloons. Snap and place glowsticks in water balloons for a fun game of hide and soak!
  • Glowing ring toss. Connect two glowsticks and aim for a stake (cover it in glow in the dark paint for visibility).
  • Glowstick tik-tac-toe using glowsticks, shaped into rings and straights.
  • Night Bowling. Fill water bottles with water and a glowstick to create luminous tenpins for this fun game

Glow in the dark sand

Offer the kindergarteners some magical sensory play with glowing sand. Combine Epsom salts and glow in the dark paint, leaving the salt to dry for a few hours. Tip the dry sand into a sensory tub in the garden and let the little ones play. Add spoons and other tools or toys to amplify the fun. 

Tip: Older kids can make sand art by using a funnel. Or give them bottles to layer glowing sand for a beautiful ornament on their glow in the dark party table. 

Glow in the dark slime 

Whether your kids love playing with gloop, slime, goo, or playdough, add some glow in the dark paint during the mixing phase of your recipe. Surprise them by bringing it out one night and letting them stay up late to play in the dark. 

Is your child scared of the dark? Not with all this fun!

Light-me-up glowing shoes

Talk about a cool party favor! Allow the preteens or teens to let loose on their creative expression by giving each kid some white sneakers and glowing crafts. They can hit the ultraviolet dancefloor after decorating their new kicks with glow in the dark stars and paint!

Tip: A more affordable alternative to sneakers is to give each kid a simple white tee. Let everyone accessorize with glowstick headgear and supplies.

Glowing foam paint

For glowing foam paint, combine glow-in-the-dark paint, shaving cream, and PVA school glue in a bag and cut the tip for an illuminated painting session. 

Tip: If glow-in-the-dark activities are your go-to theme, then it's worth getting a blacklight (ultraviolet light) or UV torch for added brilliance.

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