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5 Ways To Do Yoga On The Cheap

Looking for a way to do yoga on the cheap? From free yoga online classes to in-person offerings, here are 5 ways to practice yoga without spending money.

5 Ways To Do Yoga On The Cheap

Yoga classes are loved by people of all ages for their relaxing environment and rejuvenating results. And if you're looking to further your yoga practice this summer without spending a lot of money, keep reading. From at-home options to studio discount tips, here are 5 ways to do yoga on the cheap. 

1. Workout at home

Many yoga instructors share videos on YouTube - and whether you have 10 minutes or an hour, you can find a flow that's perfect for your practice level and preferred yoga style. Yoga With Adriene is a popular YouTube channel, and her content is completely free. You might have to watch an ad before getting into the groove, but we have a feeling you'll appreciate the flexibility of being able to exercise anywhere. 

2. Check out donation-based classes in your area

A lot of yoga studios will offer donation-based classes, usually at an off-peak time or instructed by a teacher in training. For a lot less money than a regular class, you'll get to have the full studio experience without breaking the bank. Check out the websites and social pages of yoga studios in your area to see if they have these affordable offerings. 

3. Search for yoga studios that offer special promotions

Most yoga studios have some type of introductory offer for new clients - and once you've taken advantage of that, see if they have deals for students, teachers, military personnel, or healthcare providers. You should also subscribe to their email newsletter and follow them on their social media channels to be the first to hear about seasonal promotions and special sales. If you do find a studio you love, purchase a class pack instead of paying for classes a la carte. While you'll have to pay a larger amount of money upfront, it will bring the price per class down pretty drastically.

4. Look for a work/trade opportunity

Interested in swapping some labor for free (or cheap) classes? Check out if your local studio has a work/trade program (also called "karma yoga"). Your duties might include working at the front desk, cleaning bathrooms, sweeping studio floors, or folding yoga mats... and you'll score a discounted membership or free classes in exchange. 

5. Keep an eye on local events calendars

With the summer season in full swing, there are more fairs, festivals, and markets happening - and some local establishments might be hosting free (or cheap) events. Check out what's happening at your town's Chamber of Commerce or your city's Facebook page and keep your eye out for free yoga classes at retail stores, breweries, farmer's markets, and more. 

Save money at the gym so you can savor every summer moment

Save has great tips to help you save and make the most of your summer family time... starting with working out for little (or no!) money. If you give any of these yoga tips a try, please share this post, tag us and tell us how you got it right! We're all about keeping it simple and eliminating the stress of expenses so you can savor every summer day with the ones you love. 

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