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How To Encourage Your Children to Read

Reading has so many benefits for children and thankfully it doesn't need to be expensive. Follow this simple advice to turn your child into a happy reader.

How To Encourage Your Children to Read

Getting a child to read can feel like an uphill battle. Learning new skills and building habits can be frustrating for kids. Help the child in your life grow in this important skill with a few simple tips and tricks.

Why is reading important for children's development?

Reading forms the base of almost all the other education your child will receive throughout their school years. Reading has a large number of benefits that help with a child's development. These range from improved language skills to increased concentration and even improved creativity and imagination. Thankfully giving your child this incredible gift is totally doable even on the tightest budget.

Read to them

Try to make a habit of reading to your child. Most children love to be read to and will happily help you stick to your new habit. It's a wonderful way to bond and being read to for just 15 minutes can help your child develop a wide variety of important skills.  

Let them see you reading

Kids are natural imitators. If they see you reading, they'll be interested in trying it too. If you're reading on your phone, or another device, your kids might not know when you're reading. Try getting a real book made out of actual paper if you can. If that's not an option, then announcing, 'I'm reading my book on my phone now!' is a good alternative.

Find fun stories for kids to read 

Kids won't love books that they find boring! If your child isn't enjoying reading, then try a different genre. There are so many great options available today even for the earliest readers. Ask your kids about books that they've enjoyed in the past and try to find more of the genre they love.

Find books on their level

Difficult books are the surest way to put a child off reading! Try to find books that are comfortably on your child's reading level. Not sure what their level is? Ask their teacher for recommendations or check out Oxford Owl's free reading library. They have a great variety of free online books for kids to read, advice to help you find your child's reading level, and tips about how to teach kids to read.

Keep it fun

Reading should be fun! Learning a new skill can be hard, but try to keep your interactions light and fun. Help your child with difficult words and discuss the interesting things that they're learning and hearing about. Children love connection as much as we do, so make reading time something special to share and bond over.

Looking for more budget-friendly ways to bond with your child? Sticking to the budget shouldn't mean that you have to compromise on your child's development! Save has some great advice to help you have special family times without breaking the budget. Find out more about limiting screen time, where to find the best free books, or learn more about the benefits of family board games nights.