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Greener Giving: 3 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

Looking for zero-waste gift ideas that won’t break the bank? We’ve got the scoop! Here are some ideas that will suit all kinds of occasions!

Greener Giving: 3 Zero Waste Gift Ideas

There are just so many reasons to give gifts! Birthdays, holidays throughout the year, housewarmings — you name it, there’s usually a good reason to celebrate. It can be a lot of fun, and it’s even more fun when you’ve got some great sustainable gift ideas. We’re talking zero waste gifts, which means that everything down to the packaging can be recycled or repurposed one way or another.

But wait a minute — unless you’re a genius in the crafts department, isn’t green giving expensive? Actually, it doesn’t have to be, nor do you have to go all out on homemade goodies. If you’re looking for ideas, we’ve got a few great ones below, from the inexpensive and always loved to easy homemade things you can whip up in a flash. Check it out!

1. Give the gift of homemade food!

OK, so there are tons of zero-waste food gifts you can give the hungry people in your life. Everything from sustainably grown and packaged cheese and charcuterie to fine wines in recyclable bottles. But you can make your deliciously green gifts personalized and memorable by giving homemade goodies.

Here’s how:

  • Create a dry soup mix. Add your favorite grains, noodles, dehydrated veggies, and seasonings to a cute jar. Make sure to jot down instructions on recyclable paper to complete the gift.
  • Drink mixes like your favorite homemade hot chocolate mixes are also great things to put in reusable jars as a gift idea.
  • Find a cute cookie jar or vintage tin that will make a great display piece — then fill it with homemade cookies, biscotti, or other baked treats.

2. Create a DIY bath and body basket

If bath and body is your jam, you’ll find a whole world of sustainable gifts out there. You can create a basket for not a lot of money by searching for handmade bar soaps, bath bombs, and lotions in recyclable packaging. You can also round things out by making a DIY sugar scrub, which usually contains green ingredients like coconut oil, sugar, and essential oils for scent. Top things off with bath and body tools like a sustainably made brush or sponge set, and put it all in a basket that your recipient can reuse as part of their bathroom décor.

3. Make tea time (or coffee time!) green

Enjoying a cup of tea isn’t the most wasteful activity in the world — but even so, there’s a lot of packaging involved that ends up in landfills. That includes not just the tea bags, but the boxes and plastic bags that they come in.

First up, start searching for reusable tea diffusers to find one perfect for your bestie. For a few bucks each, you’ll find them in all kinds of fun styles and sustainable materials.

Next, you’re gonna need some loose tea leaves. Look for responsibly-sourced tea leaves that come in containers that are meant to be kept and displayed. Lots of brands package their tea in metal tins that can be recycled (but they’re so pretty, you’d rather keep them on the counter), or even cool wooden boxes that you can keep once you’ve finished the tea.

And what if your friend is more of a coffee drinker? Single-serve coffee pods create tons of plastic waste, so look for a set of refillable coffee pods, a cool coffee scoop, and their favorite brew in green packaging. They’ll never throw out a plastic pod again!

If you want to turn your beverage-themed gift into a package deal, add in biodegradable straws or reusable metal ones for fans of iced tea and iced coffee. There are also reusable tumblers and cups available for both hot and cold beverages so that the tea and coffee lovers in your life can enjoy their favorite brews without tossing out disposable cups!

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