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Save at Disney Value Resorts

What are Disney value resorts? They’re a great way to save money on your Disney vacation! We’ll show you what they are and which are the best!

Save at Disney Value Resorts

We bet you didn’t know that you can enjoy an awesome Disney vacation on a budget! Or maybe you did know—and now you’re looking for the best value resort for your buck. 

Either way, we’ve got the scoop. Read below to learn what value resorts are, and which ones are the best to visit.

First, what are Disney value resorts?

If you’re new to the idea of a Disney value resort, the short answer is that these are Disney’s lowest priced resorts. 

And the longer answer? They’re themed resorts at Disney World (in Florida, not to be confused with Disneyland of California!). There are five all told:

•    All Star Movies

•    All Star Music

•    All Star Sports

•    Art of Animation

•    Pop Century

Each offers deep savings compared to the moderate and deluxe-priced Disney World resorts. In fact, you can save up to half on nightly rates at a value resort versus one of the deluxe resorts.

Now, for a discount, you’d expect there to be a catch, right? So what is it? Trust us — they’re not big catches! Compared to the moderate and deluxe resorts, the dining options are more limited. You’ll have access to food courts and pizza delivery, but no other restaurants. These resorts still give you access to pool areas, plus various activities you can take part in each day. 

And, of course, you’ll still get perks at Disney World itself — like early theme park entry, bussing to Disney World, and more. 

Ultimately, if you were thinking to stay at near-Disney hotels, the value resorts at Disney will probably prove the better option since they’ll cost about the same as a hotel elsewhere while providing you with a bunch of terrific Disney-themed extras.

Ranking the value resorts

So how do they rate? Here’s our rundown!

1. Pop Century

This one rates as everyone’s favorite of the value resorts. It’s got new rooms, improved transportation, some of the lowest prices of all the value resorts, and it puts you close to Art of Animation if that’s something you want to visit.

Pop Century has a super cartoony look and feel, which is a ton of fun for kids — or adults who love the style plus pop culture references.

2. All Star Movies, Music, and Sports

The first thing to know about all three of the All Star resorts is that they’re virtually identical in terms of price and amenities — just with different themes. In fact, all three share a campus and buses. We’re ranking All Star Movies and Music just a little higher than Sports because of reports that Sports has more outdated room designs than the other two.

In terms of look and feel, you’ll get the most Disney-like experience at All Star Movies, which leans into the Disney movies. All Star Music is less about Disney themes — mostly just about music in general, which is awesome for music lovers. All Star sports, because of its sports theme, tends to be less popular among adults (excepting diehard sports fans, of course) and more popular among teenage sports teams on group trips to Disney.

3. Art of Animation

Even though this one ranks lower on the list than the others, it still offers great value. Art of Animation actually has some pretty awesome things going for it — like a pool where Disney music plays underwater. Yes, you read that right! Under. Water. It’s also got an amazing theme for anyone who loves Disney classics or animation in general.

So what dropped it lower on this list? Mainly, the cost. It’s the most expensive of all the value resorts, with average prices coming in at just below the average rates for the moderate-level resorts. If the biggest goal is to visit Disney on a budget, this one may not be the best option.

Speaking of saving, do some deal shopping for everything you’ll need on your Disney vacation!

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