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Save 15 Companies That Offer Student Discounts

15 Companies That Offer Student Discounts

Get deals with savings like student discount on Apple, a Nike student discount, a Best Buy student discount, a student discount with Spotify, and more.

15 Companies That Offer Student Discounts

The student experience is one of the most memorable times in your life. You get to meet new people, develop your knowledge on complex subjects, and discover what passions you want to pursue in your career.

If you or your child is attending college, there’s one thing you probably don’t want to worry about: bills. Thankfully, companies throughout the country offer student discounts on everything from phone service to apparel. Check out these brands you can score a deal on.

1. 1-800 Contacts

Need contacts to see the whiteboard? Verified college students can get 10% off contact lenses with the 1-800 Contacts student discount. Get lenses shipped directly to your door or dorm.

2. Adidas

From intramural sports to walking to class, the right footwear matters. Adidas offers a student discount for students ages 16 and older. Get 15% off (for a discount up to $1,000) plus free shipping for all online orders on non-sale items.

3. Aeropostale

Make a fashionable impression in class and on campus by using the Aeropostale student discount. Eligible college students can get an extra 15% off online purchases.

4. Amazon

Amazon has just about everything a college student needs to succeed: computers and accessories, apparel, phone cases, groceries, health and personal care, and, yes, video games. Through the Amazon Prime Student program, college students can get discounts on products in all these categories, as well as entertainment deals, flight and hotel discounts, free Prime Video streaming, free food delivery, and more. Prime Student provides a free 6-month trial, then you can keep your Prime membership at 50% off the regular price.

5. Apple

A dependable computer is a must-have for students. You use it to write up papers, research topics, access coursework, and keep up with friends on social media. If you’re a soon-to-be or current college student, you can get a student discount on Apple MacBook and iPad products and accessories. Apple also offers a discounted student rate for Apple Music that includes free access to Apple TV+.

6. Best Buy

Best Buy is a one-stop technology and gadget shop that offers a Best Buy student discount for students of all ages. That includes grade school all the way up through college or trade school. Check the brand’s Student Hub to find current Student Deals, or ask in store about which items you can get a discount on as a student or parent of one.

7. Clinique

Start cultivating healthy skin early on in life with products like sunscreen, moisturizer, and cleanser. Clinique has a student discount for 15% off online orders, for products including both skincare and makeup. You can even do a phone scan of your skin to get personalized recommendations for foundation and skincare to start a regimen that works for you.

8. Greyhound

Want to visit your parents for the weekend, but don’t want to drive? No problem. Check out the Greyhound student discount, which includes 10% off travel and 15% off shipping for Student Advantage Members. The Student Advantage card costs $30 a year and provides discounts on other brands, including Avis, Goodyear, and AMC.

9. HelloFresh

Healthy eating can help college students stay alert and energized for their busy lives. HelloFresh offers verified university students a 15% discount off their grocery box subscription service, plus free shipping on the first box. Students choose a delivery schedule that works for them, as well as meals they want to prepare. Ingredients come in temperature-controlled boxes with easy-to-follow recipe cards. Simply prep according to the recipe, then enjoy a delicious meal that will fuel you for your next study session.

10. MAC Cosmetics

From getting dolled up for your student ID photo, to creating the right look for a theatrical performance, makeup can transform the wearer into an Instagram-worthy expression. The MAC Cosmetics student discount provides college students with 10% off all online orders for products like foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, primer, brushes, and other cosmetic tools.

11. Nike

Want to walk around campus in style? High school and college students 16 years old and older in the U.S. can get a 10% Nike student discount. You’ll need to fill out a verification form, then you’ll get up to one discount every 30 days each time you verify.

12. Ray-Ban

Stay cool on campus, on spring break, wherever you happen to be with a trendy pair of sunglasses. Ray-Ban offers verified college students a discount program that includes exclusive offers and free shipping for glasses, including those with prescription lenses.

13. Spotify

Love music, movies, and television? Get in-demand entertainment for less with the student discount with Spotify. The Spotify Premium Student plan includes Spotify Premium to curate song lists, a Hulu ad-supported plan, and SHOWTIME. To qualify, you must be at least 18 years old and must be enrolled in a U.S. college or university.

14. Verizon

For most students, your phone is one of your top companions. It’s there when you need to get directions, schedule a study date, or remind you that you have a final coming up next week. Verizon discounts student phone Unlimited plans, giving college students a $10 discount on one line and a $25 discount for two lines.  

15. The Wall Street Journal

Students, listen up: you can get a student discount on “The Wall Street Journal” to stay informed of current events. If your university membership qualifies, get unlimited access to and the WSJ app, exclusive events, free e-books, curated newsletters, and more.

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