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9 Ways To Get More Involved In Your Community

Looking for connection? Wanting to give something back? Getting involved in your community is a great way to do some good and get to know the people around you.

9 Ways To Get More Involved In Your Community

Are you feeling isolated? Wanting to connect more with the people? Or just wanting to pour some goodness into the lives of the people around you? Getting more involved in your community is a great way to get to know people, pay it forward, and maybe even make some friends.

1. Support a local sports team

Supporting a local sports team is a great way to get out and connect with other people. Find out where and when they're playing and just show up. Here's a tip though: choose a team that doesn't already have a big support base. If there are crowds flocking to every game, you'll struggle to meet people and build meaningful connections. 

2. Volunteer at community projects

Volunteering is a wonderful way to get involved in your community and do some good at the same time. There are so many ways to volunteer, even in the smallest towns. Soup kitchens, animal shelters, schools, communities, and libraries are almost always looking for volunteers to help them. Keep an eye on your local social media pages to make sure you hear about once-off opportunities like beach clean-ups or maintenance projects. 

3. Join a faith-based group

Joining a church or other faith group is a great way to get stuck into your community. They're usually friendly and have a bunch going on besides their weekly meeting. They often offer mid-week get-togethers, social events, and a variety of ways to serve the community. It's usually acceptable to just arrive at one of their gatherings, but if you feel shy or uncertain, give them a call or connect over social media.

4. Take up a sport

Start a new sport (or pick up an old one) as a way to meet people in your community. If possible, choose a sport that already has some following in your area. Look around and see what people are doing and check social media to get an idea of events and sports clubs in your area. People love to share their passions, so be friendly and ask questions and you'll be making friends quicker than you think.

5. Find a hobby

If you're not big on sports, then there are loads of hobbies to choose from. Think sewing, painting, sketching, model building, drone flying, photography - you can let your imagination run wild. Once you've created a short list, it's time to take to social media and find other people who have the same interests as you. Obviously, if you choose something that's very rare, you might struggle to find a community of people who share your hobby. This is about getting involved in your community, so keep moving down the list until you find something that could help you connect with people.

6. Help the elderly

Helping the elderly is a great way to meet people and help someone who might be feeling lonely. You could volunteer at a nursing home or even just look out for old people in your neighborhood and offer to help them with some tasks that have become harder with age. Cut their grass, help with the heavy lifting, do some grocery shopping, or even just sit and chat with them. If you're not sure what help they need, try suggesting a few options and let them choose what would help them most.

7. Support local businesses

Supporting local businesses is a great way to build into your community and get to know people. Shopping locally gives you opportunities to find different and interesting products. Doing business with people is a great way to get to know them and create that lovely feeling of community. If you can, learn the names of the people who work at local businesses and remember to greet them for that super cheery small-town feel.

8. Come up with your own community project ideas

Sometimes there really isn't all that much going on in a community. If you can't find a meaningful way to get involved in your community then perhaps you can come up with some community project ideas of your own. Knowing how to help the community can be tricky and if you're new in your area, it's worth asking a few questions to find out how the community might be best served. 

Schools, community centers, churches, and local residents can probably give you some ideas. Then it's time to roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. There's a good chance people were just waiting for someone to take the lead and you'll probably find you can build a group of volunteers in no time at all.  

9. Just get out of the house

If some of these ideas seem like too much to take on, then this one is for you! Just getting out of the house is simple and totally doable. Try to incorporate something into your routine that gets you out of the house and into the community. Try simply taking a walk each day. Follow a similar route and greet people as you walk. You'll be surprised how many connections a simple routine can build. Not up for exercise? How about making a habit of grabbing a coffee each day? You might not feel like you're changing the world, but a simple smile and a greeting could be lighting up someone else's day.

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