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Geocaching: Free Family Fun

Geocaching is a fun, free activity that the whole family will love! Get the kids out of the house and off their screens with this modern treasure hunt.

Geocaching: Free Family Fun

Looking for something fun to do with the family? Want to get out and explore? Not sure where to start? Geocaching may be just what you're looking for! It's a fun, free activity that'll get the kids moving, learning, and engaged.

What is geocaching?

Geocaching is basically treasure hunting- except the treasure isn't really worth much. It's good, clean family fun. And it's totally free (if you already have a phone or GPS). Instead of old-fashioned maps, geocachers use a GPS to find specially hidden geocaches. The kids will love searching an area and trying to discover the hidden boxes!

What are geocaches?

Geocaches are treasure boxes that are hidden all over the place. They can often be found in public spaces like parks or near tourist attractions like monuments or natural landmarks. These boxes are hidden and should be hard to spot without knowing the correct coordinates. 

Once you find a geocache, you'll open it up, write your name in the book, possibly take or add a trinket to the box, and then close it up and put it back in its hiding place. If you plan to add something to the box, you'll need to bring it along. Homemade crafts like keychains, painted rocks, or beaded jewelry are affordable and fun ideas.

What ages is geocaching best for?

Geocaching is perfect for the whole family. Even the tiniest member can join in a stroller or carrier. Younger kids will love the adventure and enjoy opening the box. Older kids can help navigate using the app and will love searching for the boxes (which can sometimes be quite hard to find).

Take the excitement up a level by asking the kids to be a bit sneaky and make sure that no one sees them finding the box. They'll love the feeling of secret and it's a great way to bond and build your family identity.

Is there geocaching near me?

Geocaching is popular and widespread and there's a good chance that you actually have a few geocaches near you. Some are so well hidden that you might be surprised to find that you've actually passed them before without noticing! It's quick and simple to check if there are any near you. Simply visit the geocaching website as you enter the website, they'll tell you how many geocaches are in your area. You can download the geocaching app to see exactly where they're hidden and get coordinates and clues to help you find them.

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