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Best Hiking Snacks for Kids

Ready to check the summer hike off your kids’ bucket lists? You need some good hiking snacks! Here are some of our favorite affordable ideas.

Best Hiking Snacks for Kids

Love the great outdoors? Or maybe you’re like…not a hiker. Either way, it’s still a ton of fun to take the kids out on a hike, even if it’s just for the afternoon — plus you can check it off your family’s summer bucket list. The best hikes are the ones for which you’re prepared, which means an awesome destination (we recommend these national parks), plenty of water, and some great hiking snacks for kids that will keep them fueled up.

So what are some good snacks for hiking? We’ve got you covered with some convenient, affordable options.

1. Enjoy ants on a log!

The figurative kind, not the real kind! We’re talking celery sticks, peanut butter, and raisins. Put the celery sticks and raisins in a pouch or bag, a small tub full of peanut butter, and a spoon or butter knife to put it all together. Voila — fun, delicious, and healthy hiking snacks!

2. Don’t forget the fruit

Lots of fruits pack well in a backpack — plus they’re perfect when it’s hot and you want something refreshing. Take along apples, grapes, pears, bananas, or something else. The sugars and carbs will help give tired kids an extra boost of energy.

3. Go nuts with nuts!

The sky’s the limit here! Salted nuts are a great source of electrolytes (but again, make sure you pack plenty of water). Candied nuts will give the kids a little sugary kick. Whatever kind you choose, they’re rich in protein, fats, and nutrients to help make empty stomachs feel full so you can power through to the end of the trail.

4. Make trail mix

Otherwise known as “good old raisins and peanuts,” or GORP for short. Trail mix has some added advantages when it comes to kids and hiking. Not only is it a great, easily portable snack, but it’s one the kids will have fun making the day before — plus they can personalize it with stuff they love. To put it together, round up the usual suspects, like your kids’ favorite cereals, raisins, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, chocolate chunks, and small marshmallows. Add a little of everything and bag it up for a treat on the go.

5. Jam some jerky in the pack

Jerky might be one of the best hiking snacks out there. It’s delicious, filling, packs some protein, and it’s a bit salty, which helps balance electrolytes when you’ve been sweating your way along the trail. Choose a favorite brand and make sure it’s in the pack for a quick and easy snack.

6. Keep a few rolls of fruit leather handy

You can buy fruit leathers in bulk mega packs, which offer some pretty hefty savings. While you might not want to hand them out all the time (they are on the sugary side), they’re a great snack to have on hand for hikes, after the ball game, or any other time when the kids need something quick and tasty. Plus the individual rolls are small enough that you can easily fit a few in even the smallest go-bags.

We’re here to help you save money on good snacks for hiking!

Whether you and the kids are headed out for the afternoon or the whole weekend, there are bound to be times when somebody (or everybody) gets hungry. Nobody wants to hike while "hangry", so use a few of these ideas to make sure there’s something in the pack to satisfy everyone. While you’re at it, be sure to check your weekly Save mailer for deals on everything you need for your next hike. And if you have more great ideas for affordable, kid-friendly hiking snacks, share them in the comments!