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The Best Budget Cocktail Recipes

Looking for cheap cocktails to enjoy at home this summer? Whether you're looking for easy cocktails with tequila or prefer vodka, these cheap DIY drinks are so easy to make.

The Best Budget Cocktail Recipes

Summer is here - and if you're someone who loves to wind down with a cocktail or sip something refreshing in your backyard, these cheap cocktail recipes are for you. From fruity cocktails with tequila to 2-ingredient drink recipes, sipping on something at home is budget-friendly and so easy. Cocktails really don't need to be expensive, try these budget cocktail recipes!

1. Keep it classic with a Cape Codder

Is your local supermarket having a sale on cranberry juice? Snag a bottle (or two!) and make a Cape Codder to cool off. Just add vodka of your choice and a squeeze of fresh lime juice!

2. Craft a Cuba Libre

Also known simply as a rum and Coke, elevate this basic mixed drink with a lime wedge, and, voila! You have something that sounds a little more special: a Cuba Libre.

3. Stir up some sangria

Sangria doesn't have to be complicated - and it's a great way to use up any fruit in your fridge that's about to go bad. Add it to a red wine of your choice, then top it with a splash of brandy and sparkling water. 

4. Savor summer with a shandy

Are you more of a beer fan? Make a refreshing at-home cocktail with a (cheap!) light beer of your choice and a splash of lemonade... store-bought is just fine.

5. Mix up a margarita

Looking for easy cocktails with tequila? Give this 3-ingredient margarita a try! All you need is tequila, triple sec, and fresh lime juice. Get creative with flavors and add a splash of pomegranate juice or some muddled berries. 

6. Make a mule

You probably see a Moscow mule on every cocktail menu when you go out to eat - but this is one of the easiest drinks to make at home. All you need is vodka, ginger beer, and a squeeze of fresh lime juice. Top it off with a splash of cranberry juice or grapefruit juice for something a little different!

7. Go for a Greyhound

Looking for a cocktail recipe with gin? Try a greyhound! This 2-ingredient cocktail is just gin and grapefruit juice - you can add some simple syrup if you want something a little sweeter. Or, add salt to the rim and you'll have a Salty Dog!

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