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5 Apps to Help You Ease Your Anxiety

Work or life leaving you stressed out and anxious? There are apps for that. Try one of these five apps to beat anxiety and improve your mental health!

5 Apps to Help You Ease Your Anxiety

Mental health is a hot topic, and when it comes to specific concerns, anxiety is at the top of the list. While most people won’t experience the worst anxiety has to offer — like panic attacks — most of us will experience anxiety to one degree or another, whether it’s stress from an overloaded schedule or too much doomscrolling. Yes, doomscrolling is a thing, and scrolling through too much negative news can leave you stressed out and anxious.

As with many things, though, there is an app for that! Actually, we’ve collected several apps for that. You’ll find them below — a mixture of apps and games designed to help you meditate, sleep better, boost your self-esteem, or distract you when you need something fun to take your mind off things.

1. Colorfy

When you just need to unwind, Colorfy is a soothing app for adults who love to color. You can work through a selection of mandalas and other images or upload your own sketches to color. The base app is free with lots of images to choose from while the paid version gives you access to Colorfy’s entire library. Get the Apple version here and download the app for Android here.

2. Schmoody

This one might be the be-all-end-all among anxiety apps. There’s so much to unpack in Schmoody. Among key features, you’ll find the Action Plans, which let you create a to-do list based on your mood — then rewards you for checking items off. There’s also a community for moral support, challenges to support personal growth, and a ton of fun stuff, too — like a meme generator, soundscapes, gratitude lists, and more. Whatever helps you feel better, chances are, this app has something to help.

The base app is free, but you can unlock all features for $4.99 per month. Check it out here.

3. Calm

Calm is consistently listed as one of the best apps for anxiety out there. It offers you guided meditations, breathing techniques, and nature sounds to help you sleep. You can also listen to sleep stories recorded by popular celebrities — including Bob Ross! How’s that for relaxation? The app also lets you track statistics like how much you’ve meditated, the number of days you’ve checked in, and more.

The free version of Calm gives you access to some things — like daily meditations, the mood tracker, a few sleep stories, and a few music tracks. The paid version is a little on the pricey side at $14.99 per month, but it unlocks Calm’s full library of meditations, stories, soundtracks, and more. Learn more or download it here.

4. Steppy Pants

What, now? You heard us! Try Steppy Pants, which is, well — it’s a walking simulator. Which sounds boring, but actually, this game is hilarious and all but guaranteed to take your mind off things when all you need is a little distraction. It’s free to play, too, though there are in-app purchases for goodies like new outfits for your character. Download it for Android here or iOS here, and get to steppin’.

5. AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game

This one has it right in the name. AntiStress Anxiety Relief Game is a free anxiety app that should have a permanent spot on your phone — especially if you like to fidget. Load the app and click pens, pop virtual bubble wrap, play with a fidget spinner, or try any number of other minigames. When you need something soothing and distracting fast, this app is a winner. You’ll find the iPhone version here and the Android version here.

Treat yourself — and save money while you’re doing it!

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