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Hiking Apps To Download Before Your Next Adventure

Whether you’re an amateur walker or a veteran adventurer, hiking in your area or traveling, you need these apps in your phone library for the best hiking experience.

Hiking Apps To Download Before Your Next Adventure

With beautiful weather comes the need to get out and actually experience it, though most of us would arguably prefer to be in a pool. One such activity is hiking, which millions enjoy globally despite varying environments and capabilities. But hiking can be apprehensive at first, and luckily app developers have created the perfect companion apps for your journey. 

Let's take a look at the top five you need in your app library:


With over 20 million users and 100,000 trails worldwide, AllTrails is one of the most popular choices when it comes to hiking apps. Hikes are easily searchable by difficulty, length, elevation gain, route type, and user rating. You can also search for hikes based on tags, like trail running, dog-friendly, or wildflowers.

The app is currently available from both the IOS app store and the Android marketplace and enables a hiker to not only track their route but receive tips on making time and breaking their personal record.

While AllTrails is free, the app does offer a pro-edition which allows you to download maps offline, 3D trail models, and pop-up notifications during your hike. Subscriptions are currently priced at $29.99 per year. 

Gaia GPS

Gaia is another standout hiking app named after the Greek primordial goddess of the Earth, Gaia. The app does the bulk standard features well while also including weather alerts and locations of nearby campsites. 

Gaia is also free, with an optional upgrade, though most users find that the free version suffices. If you do want the update, which costs $39.99 per year, you will also receive access to cross-country skiing and mountain biking paths.

Google Maps

While not as functional as dedicated apps, Google Maps is a great place to start your hiking journey. Its simple set-up and brand notability mean there's plenty of help online from other hikers choosing to use Google Maps. 

Google Maps also enables users to download maps offline and for free, unlike the suggestions above. As phone service can get spotty the higher you climb, offline functionality is essential. 

Guthook Hikes

This app is the currently reigning champion of long-distance hiking apps, and that's saying something, given there are dozens. The app itself is free but requires you to purchase specific maps, which can range from $4.99 to $59.99. If you tend to hike in one area, then this could be the app for you as you can keep your purchasing low while making the most of your local hotspots. 

National Park Service app

America's National Parks are some of the most beautiful natural settings in the world. Not only are they bustling with history, but national parks also host varying hiking trails of different difficulty and time frames.

The free app allows you to plan hikes around the National Park amenities and toilet facilities, which means no rushing and no awkward bathroom breaks in a nearby bush. From the app's simple interface, you can plan entire days out and create favorite lists that incorporate a whole host of outdoor activities. 

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