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Creative Uses for Mason Jars

If you have leftover mason jars and nothing to do with them, then why not change them into something new and beautiful that serves a function in your home?

Creative Uses for Mason Jars

With the world moving into a greener future, the art of upcycling has never been more important. Upcycling, described as the process of turning one object into another, allows the user to change the function of the object without spending money or adding to climate collapse. 

Mason jars, and even their lids, can be used to create a whole host of gadgets and nick nacks, so let's take a look at some of the most popular ones.


If you are looking to change your mason jars into a decoration for your home, then look no further.

You can turn the jars into bespoke light shades that refract light beautifully across the room. The only other item you need to buy is a pendant light hanging kit, which can be bought at local hardware stores or online.

After measuring the position of the lead, simply cut a hole in the lid big enough to feed the connector through. If screwing the connector on does not fasten it completely, then opt for some superglue to hold it in place. 

Using a similar method, you can turn your old mason jars into dispensers for soap, hand cream, and even tissues. 

Kitchen creations

Kitchen storage is key to finding the balance between aesthetic and function, and you could easily spend hundreds on finding the perfect items. But why not take those leftover jars and use them to store food, grow herbs and store your favorite coffee?

To turn a mason jar into an indoor planter, you're going to need some potting soil, a few rocks or pebbles, and seeds. Pack the jars as you would usually, but don't screw on the lid to promote good airflow. 

If your green thumb is still itching, then grab another jar are turn it into a terrarium. The miniature habitats are enormous on TikTok at the moment, mostly because of their simplicity and variation. If you want to create an aquatic jar, fill it up with water from a body of water, and be sure to include aquatic plants, pebbles, and lots of moss. Screw the lid on tight, and over time, the jar will turn into a mini world!

Putting your pot together is easy, and you can make it your own by including twine, painting the glass, or even rolling it in glitter. The possibilities are truly endless.

Besides using the jars to store leftover food, you can also make bespoke shakers for salt, pepper, or your favorite spice mix. Not only are they completely customizable, but they are easily refillable. 

If you have a large stock of mason jars, then check your Save mailer for a range of deals and coupons you could use to make your creations stand out.