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DIY Sundried Tomatoes Recipe

Sundried tomatoes are a tasty addition to pasta, salads, and many other dishes. Preserve summer’s bounty and save money with this DIY sundried tomatoes recipe.

DIY Sundried Tomatoes Recipe

Enjoy the deliciousness of sun-ripened tomatoes long after the summer sun has faded. You can make sundried tomatoes the good old-fashioned way, by leaving them out to dry in the sun. However, a much quicker and easier way is to make them in the oven. Here is a simple, easy-to-follow DIY sundried tomato recipe.

Sundried tomato recipe: Ingredients

The recipe is very simple. All you need are your delicious tomatoes, sea salt, and olive oil. Which types of tomatoes are best for making homemade sundried tomatoes? The larger the tomatoes, the longer they take to dry out properly. Smaller tomato varieties such as cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes are ideal. San Marzano and Roma tomatoes also work well for home drying. When using larger tomatoes, it is best to scoop most of the pulp out so they dry more quickly.

How to make sundried tomatoes in your oven

Making sundried tomatoes in the sun is the classical way of preserving summer’s bounty. However, you must have the right weather conditions and it can take a few days. You can “sun dry” tomatoes in your oven in a few hours. Here’s the how-to:

  1. Wash and dry the tomatoes.
  2. Slice the tomatoes in half lengthwise.
  3. Lay the tomato halves (cut side up) on a baking tray lined with baking paper.
  4. Place them in your oven. Dry them out at a temperature of approximately 250 °F (120 °C) for two and a half to three and a half hours.
  5. Check your drying tomatoes regularly to ensure they don’t dry too much and become leathery or burn.
  6. Your tomatoes are ready to add to a dish or bottle up for use at a later stage.

How to store sundried tomatoes

This depends on how quickly you want to eat your DIY sundried tomatoes. Have you just made a small batch? You will probably gobble them up within a few days! However, if you have made a big batch and want to store some for later, there are two main ways:

  1. Place the oven-dried tomatoes in sterilized jars. Pour olive oil over the tomatoes to completely submerge them. Seal the jars and place them in the refrigerator for up to four days.
  2. To keep dried tomatoes for up to three months, you can freeze them. Spread the dried tomatoes on a baking sheet and place them in the freezer for about two hours. Once the tomatoes are frozen, place them in a freezer-safe bag or Tupperware.

Recipe ideas for your sundried tomatoes

Whichever way you make them, sundried tomatoes are a versatile ingredient that can add warm summery flavor to many dishes. Here are a few ideas:

  • Sun-dried tomato pasta.
  • As a pizza topping.
  • Sun-dried tomatoes pair beautifully with roast chicken or roast Mediterranean vegetables.
  • Add to your panini filling.
  • Blitz them up with some of the preserving oil and cream cheese to make a yummy dip.
  • Chopped sundried tomatoes make a tangy addition to a salad, or blend them with olive oil and balsamic vinegar to make a tasty salad dressing.

Preserve summer’s bounty with this budget-friendly recipe

Making the most of fresh seasonal produce is a fun and efficient way of saving money. If you love this DIY sundried tomatoes recipe, check out this ultimate DIY hot sauce recipe and how to pickle your own jalapenos. For more money-saving tips and tasty recipe ideas, check your weekly Save mailer.