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Natural Bug Spray

Go green and save money with these natural bug sprays! The best part is that you probably already have most of the ingredients in your kitchen right now!

Natural Bug Spray

If you've been gardening for half a minute, you've probably noticed that bugs can be a problem. Keeping your plants healthy and strong can go a long way towards helping them survive bug attacks, but even the healthiest plants need a little help sometimes. Creepy crawlies can cause all sorts of trouble in the garden and they're not ashamed to help themselves to everything you're trying to grow. These natural bug spray recipes will help you save money and keep nasty chemicals out of your garden.

Soap spray

For a great multi-purpose, eco-friendly bug spray, try this simple soap spray. It's great for getting rid of aphids, mites, whitefly, mealie bugs, and other insects. Simply mix a tablespoon of liquid dish soap into a quart of water. Stir well and then spray it directly onto the bugs. You can spray two or three times a day (or even more if you're feeling energetic) until the problem is under control. Try to avoid spraying them during the hottest part of the day. It is possible to burn the leaves if the temperatures are high.

If you're growing vegetables, remember to rinse them well before you eat them. The soap will do you no harm, but it will definitely ruin the taste of your meal!

These ingredients are so safe and gentle that you can happily get your kids involved in the process. It's a great age-appropriate task that can really contribute to the success of your garden! Get them a spray bottle, fill it with the soapy solution, and put them to work! They'll love it and the best part is that squeezing spray action strengthens all the right muscles in those little hands! 

Chili or garlic natural bug spray

A chili or garlic spray isn't typically sprayed onto the bugs. It's used as a preventative spray to keep bugs (and birds) from snacking on your plants. They are put off by the strong smell of garlic and the burn of the chilies. If something is eating your plants, but you can't spot it, then this is the spray you want to use. There are various recipes available. The idea is really just to make sure it's properly pungent. Here's a great recipe to get you started. The ingredients are simple: chili, garlic, water, and dish soap!

It's really important to wash your vegetables well if you use this spray. Ideally, you'd want to stop spraying two weeks before you plan to harvest anything. This one can also burn little fingers, eyes, and lips, so be sure to keep pets and small children away from the area.

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