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Save The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Cat Out of the Christmas Tree

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Cat Out of the Christmas Tree

Are you looking for ways to cat-proof your Christmas tree? From Save, try these tips to protect both your cat and your tree.

The Ultimate Guide to Keeping Your Cat Out of the Christmas Tree

Cats with Christmas trees are the subject of many memes. And for good reason. There’s something about a tall evergreen covered with shiny baubles that makes it nearly irresistible to your feline companion. Fortunately, though there is no such thing as a cat proof Christmas tree, there are ways to more safely bring together cats and Christmas trees.

Cat proof the Christmas tree

The first step is to minimize the potential damage by choosing a safer setup. Choose a strong, wide tree stand that will resist tipping over, and consider tying the tree to the wall or even the ceiling. Use unbreakable ornaments on the lower tiers and place your more fragile ornaments higher up the tree. Attach all ornaments firmly to the tree with twist ties.

Keep the cat away from the tree

The safest place for your tree is behind a closed door, but this isn’t practical in many homes. Instead, consider surrounding the tree with a playpen or a low fence covered in Sticky Paws. Place it in a corner away from your kitty’s favorite spots. Hang citrus peels as a natural repellent, or use a vet-approved cat deterrent spray. Choose solid lights rather than twinkling ones, and consider wrapping the base of the tree with aluminum foil. And keep in mind that cats are generally less attracted to artificial trees than natural ones, especially if you skip the fake pine scent.

You can use a motion-activated noisemaker to keep your cat from approaching too closely, or hang unbreakable bells on the lower branches to shoo your kitty away. But resist the urge to interfere personally, such as by spraying the cat with water, or you could do long-term damage to your relationship. You want the tree itself to annoy the cat, rather than them feeling like you are punishing them for their natural curiosity.

Distract your cat

Cats tend to see Christmas trees as exciting new toys. Ward off their natural inclination to explore by giving them presents of their own. A new cat tree and some toys, carefully placed in your kitty’s preferred play area, can go a long way toward distracting them. And remember, cat toys don’t have to be expensive. A few paper bags and boxes can keep many cats entertained for weeks.

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