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Dog-friendly DIY Store: A Guide to the Home Depot Pet Policy

Do you want to go home improvement shopping with your pooch? Here’s what you need to know about taking Fido with you to your neighborhood Home Depot store.

Dog-friendly DIY Store: A Guide to the Home Depot Pet Policy

For those who view their four-legged friend as their bestie and soul mate, a trip to Home Depot with Fido in tow might seem like a fun outing. The question is: Can dogs go into Home Depot? What is the Home Depot pet policy?

Can dogs go to Home Depot?

Taking your pooch with you to Home Depot to stock up on DIY goodies for your next home improvement project sounds like a great way to spend a weekend morning together. Unfortunately, their website doesn’t have a clearcut pet policy. If your pet is a service dog, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) dictates that you may not be refused entry into a public space because of your assistance dog. However, if Fido is not a service animal, there may be some stores that don’t allow you to bring your pet to help you pick out new pot plants. The best thing to do is call your branch in advance to find out whether you may bring your pooch with you.

Four tips for taking your hound to the hardware store

If your neighborhood Home Depot gives you the green light for bringing your puppy along, you want to ensure it is a pleasant experience for all so that you, and other pet lovers, can take your furry friend to Home Depot again and again.

1. Keep Fido on a leash

Even if your puppy is top of the class at obedience lessons, you will want to keep them on a leash while shopping up a storm in the paint section. We aren’t talking about those five-meter-long retractable jobs. Keep your pooch on a nice short leash close to your side. Remember, there might be other Home Depot shoppers who aren’t comfortable with canines covering them in kisses.

2. Bring treats

This is a great space to test out your homemade dog training treats. Even the most level-headed dog may become overwhelmed with all that goes on in a Home Depot store. For those moments when you need to get your canine’s focus back on you, keep some delicious dog treats on hand.

3. Don’t forget the poop bags

Accidents happen. You certainly don’t want to leave them behind in a busy store though. Don’t leave home without your poop bags. Pack in a small bottle of disinfectant spray and a few wipes to ensure that you can clean up every last remnant of your pup’s in-store potty moment.

While we're on the topic, don’t forget about your pet’s bladder when you're DIY-dreaming through the Home Depot aisles. Take them outside for a toilet break if your visit is taking longer than expected.

4. Keep Home Depot dog friendly

Ensure that your dog is well socialized before taking them with you to public spaces. One bad experience can ruin a good thing for everyone.

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